Full Of Roses

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After writing Born into a cloud and sharing the scripture God gave the day after writing it, i memorized the poem and scripture and shared them for a year straight. Then one day driving my work truck on the freeway, Gods presence came over me at the same time the words in my head, I realize life is not all roses, entered my mind. I began to cry very heavily to the point of not being able to drive. So i pulled off onto the next exit and pulled off to a dirt area where i continued to cry under the move of God. I couldn’t stop crying and the presence of God seemed to get stronger that i began to ask God to stop. It was very overwhelming to the point of begging him, please God stop. He answered my request, and i was able to pick up a pad of paper and write the words i heard when the rest came.  This poem became my marching orders as an Evangelist, and I have been planting people roses ever since. With the help of the one perfect ROSE!

This is the second poem I wrote which became the name of my ministry fullofrosesinspirationals.

Full Of Roses

I realize that life is not all roses
At times just a scent of a rose
Other times a full blossom of roses
The day comes when the roses
Begin to wilt die and fall away
There is a gloom in a wilted rose
A lost hope I suppose
Life to me is about a Rose
I found the most beautiful Rose one day
This Rose continues to blossom in my life
Never wilting, never-dying
Full of life and blossoms ever so bright
What I found in this Rose is
When the scent is right
And it is in full blossom
To cultivate the soil planting more roses
Clipping the old and wilted away
That there is a continual scent of roses
And a fullness of blossoms
So in this one Rose I have planted many
And I will continue all my days
Until life is full of roses

Written by Ken Hernandez

Thanks for visiting blessings!

55 thoughts on “Full Of Roses

  1. I am very happy to have such an awesome welcome to WordPress. Thank you for all the likes. Thank you to those who are now following fullofroses my heart is to lift up and inspire but mostly to give glory and love to my savior Jesus Christ. Thank you again

  2. Thank you for visiting Kedoshim Ministries and for the like! Your blog is lovely! Keep pressing on ~ Bithiah

  3. Thank you, Ken, for liking my post “Be Gentle Now” at sereneartist.com. This poem is a lovely call to creating beauty with whatever life gives us. May your garden be ever full, and may God continue to bless your work.

  4. Thank you for the lovely thought of the “one rose”, perfect in expression.

    One winter day deep in January, we had a red red rose bloom through a thick crust of snow… Just as lovely as it was amazing.


  5. Hi Ken, your poem is beautiful! When a rose is fragrant as well as beautiful it brings me much pleasure. I will check you out further when I have more time. I just wanted to thank you for the like on my blog post about the blood of Jesus, which the Rose of Sharon shed for us so our lives would have a sweet fragrance to the Father!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, kdmanestreet, and liking “Take Heart.” I look forward to reading more of your poetry. I love roses. I planted a hedge of Rosa Rugosa last Fall and can’t wait for them to bloom. Their scent will remind me of your poem. 🙂

  7. Hi Ken! You liked a post on my blog so I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi.” This poem is is beautiful and real, just like a rose. I’ve only written a few poems in my life, and most of them I had to write for school. It’s interesting to me that you started writing at age 31. It sounds like you found a calling – one that’s fulfilling to you and inspirational to others.

  8. Youth and beauty is the budding rose
    Rain, sun, and time make its fullness show
    Until at last
    Perfect at last then It finds repose
    Dropping petals
    Fading rose

  9. I love roses, too! I have 26 rose bushes that I tend to, talk to, and absolutely adore. They are a picture of our lives. Did you know that the thorns are undeveloped rosebuds? I wonder how many of our thorns are just undeveloped rosebuds. Blessings on this Easter. Karen

  10. Thank you so much for stopping by Gifts in Open Hands. I was very moved by your poem and even more by your sharing of it — it strikes me that there is a world of “poems in a drawer”mout there.

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  12. “continual scent of roses” so beautiful:) (and *thank you* for the “likes” at my place. Your place is mysterious and inviting…*very elegant*.

  13. I love your store! The music is inspiring and I love the “you are not alone” sign. *Thank you* for being here. It’s a wonderful ministry!

  14. Ciao and Calvary blessings to you and all your loved ones. Thanks for visiting my new Christian blog site – much appreciated.

    Your poems are very inspiring and deeply encouraging – may you by God’s grace continue to be more and more inspired in your poetry and prose writings by the leading of His precious Spirit, AMEN!!!

    Dio te bendica!!!

  15. What a beautiful and inspirational poem! This is especially meaningful to me as my Mother raised over 100 hundred hybrid roses in her Mississippi garden before she passed away in 2010. I plan to share this lovely poem with other Rosarians!

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