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The most Important part of the Christian walk Is leaning to keep Jesus by your side. Not that He has left. We are the ones that leave and it is usually because of sin. We all fall short and even If you feel you can’t face Him, you can. He knows you better than you know yourself. In the times in my life where I can’t seem to get through the issues of my heart no matter how hard I try, I have learned to keep Jesus close. He is our friend, the friend of sinners. He will always be the answer! No matter how dark things get, you can’t brighten your life without the light of the world. If you are in a room and it is dark you turn on a light to get around. The same thing with our walks in Christ, as long as He is by your side, you have the ability to see. God bless the light of your life, walk in It. 🙂

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