heavens dove takes flight_edited-3This was my first picture I took when I began this project www.fullofrosesinspirationals.com I already shared with you the story and the poem Royalty. Heaven’s Dove was the first in the series to have an object show up in only one picture after taking several. I never saw the Dove until I went through the pictures later. I knew God had placed it their as encouragement to me, I was doing His will by taking on this project. Having It happen twice was even more reassurance  God was involved in the project. The great thing about it is this, I can take me out of the equation. God is the photographer not me! I am just His willing vessel to accomplish His desired work. It is always a blessing to know you are doing the will of the father and  see His fingerprints along the journey. Which brings me to my next post you will have to wait for called, a Glimpse Of Your Glory.  I don’t always write the poems to the pictures. Many times they are at first separate then He leads me to put them together as if they were one big puzzle.  Until my next post I hope your heart is filled with the warmth of His desire. 🙂

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