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We as Christians live for just a glimpse of  Gods glory. Much of the time we miss it because we are so rapped up in our busy lives. When we stop open our hearts, ears and eyes taking a moment to look, listen and hear, we sometimes encounter what we have been missing. Gods voice calls out from His creation. The trees worship God. The birds worship Him. When we set apart our morning or day for God we just might get that glimpse. His still small voice that calls out from creation seeking to speak to our hearts. Seeking to reveal Himself to us. Our God loves intimacy, He loves when we go deep into what he loves. Stop and look at a tree or a bird and imagine the day God formed it. The day God created It. Imagine His emotions for something as simple as a tree and the heart He had creating it. Think of His joy! Now if He took that much heart and emotion creating the trees how much more did He feel creating you. He loves taking a moment with you to enjoy His gift of Art. He is the most magnificent creator. Take time to share Gods heart today in His beauty, the beauty He gave us to share with Him.

May your day be changed, and may you share and encounter His creation with Him. This photograph was of myself and God doing just that. God bless you 🙂


10 thoughts on “A GLIMPSE OF YOUR GLORY

  1. I know just what you mean, those little moments. Yesterday I was just in a carpark when I had a moment like that, the cool breeze seemed to blow on my heart and the regularly dismal character of myself just felt God all around, his glory in the sky, the wind.

  2. Living life on your own terms, and in your own spirituality. Losing track of the path by getting caught up in the everyday, these moments happen to ppl from many different backgrounds. Although not a Christian, I can totally relate to this post. Thanks for stopping by Nox Canto.

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