If I was put on this earth for one reason It is to bring the message the sinner can walk with God! So many people struggle with the fact that if they walk with God They will Instantly feel guilty about who they are and feel bad all of the time. If I walk with God I will have to give up everything I enjoy. It kills me inside to see what is taking place in the minds of people. Usually people can tell when someone is lying to them but It is much harder to realize when you are lying to yourself. If we could see and understand our own lies that direct our decisions It would radically change our lives. I believe this is Satan’s greatest tool. Satan can keep people from the truth simply by the lies in their own heads.

What If you didn’t listen to those lies and you decided to believe God loves you right where you are? What if you chose to believe He died on the cross with you in mind, so you wouldn’t have to bare the shame of your sin. This does not mean you do not have to recognize your sin. It simply means we can give it to Him to never be remembered again. The subject of grace and love. What kind of door does this open for us? I believe it opens the door of acceptance and deep love. You see the cross is the bridge Christ built for us. A way for us to be able to cross it and stand before God in our broken state. Notice I said cross it! Put the cross to it, your sin that is.

If you never cross the bridge Christ built for you, It will be impossible for you to come to the knowledge of His acceptance and love for you. It is this encounter of truth Satan doesn’t want you to know. True love, pure love, holy love divine acceptance is the only thing that can shatter the human heart. You will never be different or want to change unless you encounter the real Jesus. Matthew 11:30 says for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. This means the lie you can’t approach Him is exactly that a lie. Jesus loves you and wants you to know Him right where you are. I challenge you to do nothing but encounter the Jesus I know and you wont have to change, His love will change you!!!!

May the Glory of God be revealed in your life and the blinders be removed. May you enter into His unfailing love and grace. Bless you today 🙂


  1. Every one who walks with God is a sinner. The plague of sin puts us all on equal ground. We are each no better or worse than the other in God’s eyes when it comes to sin. We all sin and are all guilty. Thank God for the gifts of grace and forgiveness, which he gives us so generously every moment of every day. I, too, am saddened by those who believe they are too far gone for God to love or forgive. God is immense and it is arrogant to think our sin life is bigger than him — as if anything we do, good or bad, could ever be bigger than our Savior and His sacrifice for us. We will sin for the rest of our lives in one way or another but Jesus died for all our sins, past, present, and future. Sin is a part of life in fallen world and it does not magically go away completely when we come to Christ. Our lives change when we are committed to a walk with Christ, but He is the only perfect human being that ever lived.

    Sorry, kind of went off on a tangent! I enjoyed your post. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your post. Sometimes I forget it’s “okay” to be real with God. Nothing shocks Him. I know how I ought to behave or feel but sometimes the reality is I want to be rebellious and do what I want. That’s when I need to confess this to God and not be afraid to say, “Lord, I want to be rebellious and do what I want but I know Your will is FAR better for me. Help me to want to, WANT TO!”

  3. An on-time word for me today… a recovering perfectionist. I think A-type Christians can get a bad case of forgetfulness of God’s mercy and Grace! Thanks for this post. We don’t change the message, the message changes us. Amen!

  4. Your statement about not being able to see when we are lying to ourselves is so true. I look around see so many people in pain, lonely sad and just unhappy. Yet they will cling to any and everything, but the one thing that can save them. Thank you for this post. My prayer that someone who is caught in the lie reads this.

  5. Dear Ken; it is so awesome to see how our Heavenly King uses man to bring His truth to others. One, it definitely shows the depth of His love for everyone, NOT just those that claim Him as His own and secondly, it shows me that when you think that sometimes you are alone (just like Elijah!), the Holy Spirit, that awesome character of Christ’s nature shows us just how wrong we are (in believing we ARE alone – another of the devil’s lies) and that His children not only are scattered everywhere, but are also doing HIS bidding and will.
    I have truly needed the breath of spiritual “fresh air” that you are providing! Keep on listening to His Spirit, and keep on doing for Him, myself and all those that subscribe to your blog. If I have learned anything about having a website and a forum, it’s that you never know just how far-reaching your words are, until someone from Singapore, or Ireland, or Australia, drops a line to say thank you!
    God Bless you so much for another great word and exhortation from our Lord – just had to tell you, it feeds where it counts!
    Pastor Roland

  6. Anyone can walk with God, God does not judge, God is unconditional love.
    Society is the seed of judgement and hate.
    Love one another as I have loved you, love one another unconditionally.

    God is the power of unconditional love


  7. i agree with you, satan does not have to work too hard to defeat a believer when they believe the lies he spews “firey darts”, thankfully we dont stand by our own strength, praise God

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  9. Lovely post. It is rather silly and, more importantly, rather sad that people believe that they must be perfect for an all-loving God to love them. The whole point of grace is that our imperfections are just fine. There is just love, and nothing more. And the beautiful thing is that when we live in grace — that is, when you experience it directly — good action naturally follows, and sin naturally falls away. After all, when you feel infinitely loved, why would you want to do anything bad?

    PS. Thanks for liking my blog post. I’m a newbie and I’m figuring my way around this blogging thing.

  10. I absolutely agree. Anyone can walk with God. Even when Peter has denied Jesus, God still forgave him, and when the angel was sent to tell of Jesus’ resurrection he called all his disciples and Peter. This is a perfect proof that we can make errors, but God’s love for us is great and he will always accept us and forgive us, as long as we accept God.

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