To begin telling you my story and how the poetry began I must tell you, I believe the messages in this poetry is a direct word from God, not only to me but to you as well. You see Born Into A Cloud talks about coming to Christ and who we are in Him. Our identity as the rainbow God has called us to be. The second poem Full Of Roses is what I named this ministry because I realized It is Gods call on our lives to plant roses. Planting the truth in other believers and coming along slide of them to help them blossom in The Lord, our marching orders.

I had told you I memorized the first poem and shared it to everyone for a year until God gave me the second poem a year later. During that time I was in sales selling home security systems which led me to the living room of a pastor and his wife. The moment I walked in and sat on their couch the presence of The Lord came in. The pastor and His wife looked at each other in awe of God then the pastor’s wife looked at me and said “God has a significant call on your life”. We talked for a few, I made my sale and left.

I was confused by what she prophesied over my life. I thought about it everyday. Honestly I struggled because I didn’t understand or know what to do. So I was calling on God what seemed like every second. One night I asked God to confirm what the pastor’s wife said, I asked for a shooting star and He gave it instantly. Doubt entered almost immediately and again I struggled. The next night I asked again for another shooting star and again He gave it. Again I doubted and struggled. Someone told me there was a meteor shower that night. The third night I asked again for a shooting star and again He gave it but this time it came with a discomfort to my head, I felt an uncomfortable pressure. I believed it to be God telling me to stop doubting.

Sorry to tell you I still struggled. I was new to this thing called faith, and I surely didn’t understand having a calling. A few weeks later I decided to have a party at my house to honor God. I had used my house for the wrong kind of parties and I wanted to offer up my house to God. I Invited the singles group over and I catered a really nice afternoon gathering. There was a pool table in the garage, darts in the house, ping-pong table under the patio and horseshoes in the backyard. Everyone was having a really good time. A guy named Robert came over to me and brought my attention to a very large grey lizard on my wall that was doing push ups. Everyone gathered around to look at it, when it darted off two or three houses down out of sight. I asked Robert if he thought it lived in my wood pile, and he said ” no that thing is long gone”. We finished up a very wonderful day, prayed over my house then called it a night.

Several weeks later I was in my backyard where I spent most of my time reading the bible and praying to God. I continued to have this strong feeling I was supposed to be doing something but I didn’t know what. So I was walking around my back yard talking to God, telling him I would do whatever He wanted but I needed answers. I asked Him again about what the pastor’s wife said and so I asked Him, “do you have plans for me, I need to know”? I told God whatever it was, I would serve Him. I needed to hear from Him, I needed something. The lizard came to mind. I said to Him “yes, the lizard, bring the lizard out and I will know”. I stood there in front of the wood pile for twenty to thirty minutes believing if God wanted to, He could do it. The thoughts in my head were I had already asked God for three shooting stars, He gave them to me and the last one, the discomfort I felt. Here I was asking for another sign. I felt really stupid and shameful, so I turned around as to go back to the house when I heard a rustling of leaves coming from behind the wood pile. I felt anxious, a little shocked, maybe even a little scared. I could hear the sound getting higher, when I saw its head pop up from behind the wood pile. The lizard walked forward, started doing push ups, then looked right at me. I fell to the ground in shock and in awe of God.

The reason I am sharing this story with you is certainly not to give you the idea I think I am special or anything of the sort. The reason I am telling you is because of how important I believe testimony is. God is the same God today as He was yesterday. He still moves, heals, speaks, and does miracles. God knows our hearts, He knew mine when I asked for the miracle. He knew I wasn’t playing games with Him, He knew I was serious and the commitment I was ready to make to Him. God will reveal himself to us when we are ready, really ready to answer His call!

I think this will have to be continued. I am here for you, to encourage you, to walk along side of you and share this amazing journey we share together. God be with you, encourage you and give you the strength and faith you need!

7 thoughts on “BORN INTO A CLOUD (PART TWO)

  1. You are absolutely right. Testimony heals and helps in growing faith. I do share in your conviction and it is true the spirit has to live in you for you to write a God-filled poem. Thanks for sharing your testimony. God bless!

  2. I appreciate you sharing with us this part of your testimony…It isn’t easy; even with anonymity here online. I know for I’ve done it also..Once never a believer in testifying openly; I think there is a reason for doing so. So that others may see or hear of God’s power; & see the living/talking/walking proof in US. Yet his hand is in every, single one of our lives..

    I’ve had dear friends & loved ones tell me they’ve been strengthened in Christ; as I’ve walked (& shared) my very personal spiritual journey. I’m in the midst of it..I don’t think its by accident that I also have the gift of gab & a flair for writing-out-my-thoughts. It is by design..for how else could I share the wonders of what I’m experiencing? With all my heart I know & feel! God’s favor is shining down upon me. Never in my life have I felt that..I’ve asked for signs before from him, for proof!, times in my life that I doubted(like you)..But never received instant proof. Yet when the signs began to occur, miraculous things!, I could no longer deny his existence…plus I could then look back on my life and recall vividly times when certainly it was because He existed that I’m still standing to even share my testimony. My life is a walking testament to the proof there is indeed a GOD ; and yours(everyone’s! ) is also.

    Be encouraged & I’ll pop in often to read your thoughts. Stay UPlifted & blessed, hugs!

    • As I read your words I get the feeling that we have so many things in common: initially, disbelief and doubt… then, we became believers and strong witnesses of God’s existence. What a privilege to share the same ideas and feelings with you! Blessings!

  3. I asked God one time why he doesn’t show Himself to us, for I dearly wish everyone could know and love our Lord. He replied back that if we were to see him in all of his glory, most of us would drop dead on the spot from sheer fear. I had to laugh at that, and then I understood, he is so Holy, and cannot be in the presence of that which is not. I have always appreciated that responce from him, and somehow thought you would appreciate it to. I have noticed walking through each and every day that the spirit of God is always with us, always talking to us, we just don’t listen or recognise it. He gives sign after sign, pointing to the right and wrongs, but identification of his prompts are certainly the hardest thing to have faith in. The one thing that has always helped me is the knowledge that the closer you get to God, the more you are chased down by the evil one. Just as soon as you have a good thought that MUST be from God, no sooner are you hounded with doubt, guilt, reservations, and resentment.Tthe evil one never gives up. But the comforting part of that is that The Lord is stronger than the evil one, and he will prevail every time. The doubt only makes room for us to glorify God by being able to discern between His voice, and those of opposing forces. He holds you in the palm of his hand, your heart, your mind, and your soul, so never dispare! Your struggles are ONLY to give more Glory to God. AMEN!-Your sister in Christ-Loretta

  4. Good Morning- thank you for your openness in sharing. Your testimony has touched my heart and I would like to share few of your thoughts on my blog from time to time. Would that be OK with you? Of course I will give you credit and direct my readers to you. Keep on asking and believing- He loves you and is withyou, with us all, always- Blessings-D

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