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The story was written during a winter season when I found myself going through storms in my own life. I remember the nights with thundering lightning storms, high winds and it seemed to match what I was feeling inside about the circumstances I was going through. I am one that looks at life in such a way that it brings correlation to the life I live with Christ. For example if you were to draw a line with two sides dividing the correlations, Night and day, light and darkness, good and evil, Winter and Spring and Hell and Heaven. In the Winter things appear dead, empty, dark, cold, and sad. In the spring things appear alive, colorful, warm, and joyful. I believe God created things that way for a reason. To reveal His truth in all of life. I believe His signature of truth is revealed in everything.

Have you ever had a season of difficulties? Did they ever match the weather? Did they seem to go hand to hand? I hope I’m not alone. I never desired spring like I did during this time. Isn’t that like our hope and faith in heaven? To be with Christ with no more death, pain, sadness or even bad weather. The glorious things we have to look forward to in Christ. The amazing thing is we live on the line of the correlation in between both places Hell and Heaven. We have the living truth with us as we walk through the valley of death waiting for the sun to shine once again. As I walked through that correlation I realized that when I am going through tough times, dark times, pain and sorrow the correlation of His promises are not far away as spring is not far from winter. His promise of our reconciliation, our transformation  will be like the difference between winter and spring. Our God is wonderful in the story He tells. When your life is in Him you will always know spring is coming.

I pray you were blessed and encouraged, God bless you and spring is here! The story can be purchased at our store,

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10 thoughts on “THE STORY

  1. Wonderful post! Its Autumn here 🙂 Loving it – it is so relevant to my ”season” – everything changing color, all the old stuff has fallen off, the weather is cooler 🙂 Love it! Love this season! Our God is an awesome God.

  2. I enjoyed reading this story. It is a tremendous storm in my life as well. Read David’s psalms whenever you feel like. It really helps. I sincerely hope all the best for you, as you seem like a spiritual person. Peace 🙂

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