The deep0028A

Psalm 42:7 [Full Chapter]
Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.

Listen to the words, DEEP calls to DEEP! If you are wanting to grow closer to God, get to know God, or your relationship with Him is in shallow water, If your time in His word is shallow, If your time in prayer is shallow, If your service to Him is shallow, If your fellowship is shallow, I’m here to say to you, DEEP calls to DEEP! His word says In the roar of His waterfalls! Wouldn’t you like to experience the roar of His waterfalls? When is the last time you have experienced the roar of His waterfalls? I,m talking about the out pour of Gods presence in your life. I’m talking about God drawing near and being active in your life where there is no question if He exists or not. If you will forget for a moment this is a blogger writing His thoughts down and Listen, open your heart, you just might hear, the ever so, still small, but very DEEP, voice of God speaking to you and asking you to go DEEP!

I’m talking about all His waves and breakers sweeping over you with His love! You have to enter into the deep, “spiritually”. let me draw you a picture. Your at the pool, you walk to the shallow end, where the steps are. You step in and feel the cold water, so you go in slowly, your not the type to just dive in. So you gradually make your way into the shallow water but you know God is all the way at the other end at the very bottom. So you take a DEEP breath and get fully submerged! You intentionally dive DEEP and swim towards the depths where He is at the deepest end of the pool.

I wanted you to have that mental picture so you can picture it everyday in your quite time with God this week. Now lets dive into the deep end of spiritual water, Jesus, God and His holly spirit! picture a swimming pool empty, no it’s not a skateboard park. It’ your heart! Now what you need to do is fill it with spiritual water, His word, worship, meditation, and prayer. Not only do you add these things to your heart but you open it DEEP because DEEP calls to DEEP!

Knock and the door will be open to you, seek and you shall find! Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything else will be added to you. The Kingdom of heavens door, is your heart. The key to your heart, is repentance! So grab the key, open the door and enter into the Kingdom of heaven, but let me remind you, He is in the Deep end, so go deep!

9 thoughts on “TO THE DEEP

  1. My brother wrote this poem on that scripture verse:

    by Bobby Brown
    (Based on Psalm 42:7)

    My cup, it steams with tea
    My apartment is very still
    The depth, it is God’s will

    My table is filled with books
    My candle begins to glow
    A beautiful quiet fills my kitchen
    And inspiration begins to grow

    My thoughts begin to lengthen
    At the close of day
    And outside my window
    The sunset splits the grey

    My peace begins to deepen
    My tea is good to taste
    And as I enter into solitude
    I abandon my life of haste

    And since I’m SEATED ABOVE
    I sense God’s inner powers
    My tongue’s the pen of a skillful writer
    These quiet, mystical hours

    I labor with “His” energy
    That powerfully works within
    And after meditation and prayer
    It’s time to now begin

    In Christ, I am enriched
    The tea, I savor to sip
    And into the Living Waters
    I now begin to dip

    My God he fills my mind
    Just like the candle’s light
    And as He fills my spirit
    Again, I begin to write…

    He is the author of the book “Seated Above, Looking Below”

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