Building a zeal for the Lord means to deny ourselves, and walk in the fullness of the Lord. Trusting Him completely. Letting go of ourselves and walking out to meet what God has for us. What he has for us, has to do with others. When we realize that, we’ll understand the heart of God. God wants to chip away the world from us and bring us into the fullness of Him. To do that we have to be broken so our heart is open, so we will come before God as children, beginning as a new born baby, learning to live life all over again. With God the perfect Father, to raise us and teach us to be children of God. Through refining and changing in the way we know ourselves, is to take hold of God everyday through prayer, worship, and His word. Through the difficult time we are called to endure in long suffering, patience, persevering in Gods love, to win the race and to take as many with us as we can to his kingdom. So as we go through each season of God’s teaching in our lives, realizing we have principalities battling against us, more so do we need the full armor of God. Never giving up; it’s not an option, realizing we all fall short and when we sin, to get up and try again and again until we learn and then to give what we learned to others. Start over in a new season, with a new heart, open in a new way, to be open to receive God with new eyes and a new heart and a new mind always putting everything before God’s feet. Everyone has received gifts that are theirs specifically, whether it’s a gift of a smile that touches everyone that receives it. As you walk faithfully with this gift to do God’s will, He will give more. Find joy in the smallest gift and let it blossom into the fruit God intended. What value do we put on a smile? A greeting? Welcoming, Receiving. These things are based on God’s love. We need to learn to walk in love, setting ourselves aside, because God will take care of our needs. To have a zeal under Christ’s authority means to learn to love. Take hold of his love. When we learn His love, we will love more.

Romans 8:31-39. Romans 12: 1-16. Corinthians 13:1-2



  1. Intimacy is the key. We bear fruit through intimacy with Christ as a woman bears a child through intimacy with her husband. Zeal for Him will ensure our fruitfulness.
    Thanks for posting this.

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