I sit here petals wilting
by the winters frost
Snow melting as if all is lost
A light moving, removing the shade
My bud falls and there it lays
Dead and barren as to convey
My heart unable to relay
The newness coming
The full sun shines upon
A new bud begins to shout
Glory to the king
New life today he brings
Today death brings new life
I’ve blossomed, I sing
What a beautiful thing
His life in me brings

5 thoughts on “HIS LIFE IN ME BRING

  1. some people are saved ???

    if this god is a god of love then … i don’t think you understand …. god is not a person … a male being … who passes judgement so that if you don’t follow rules you and your pastors think should be followed … this is ridiculous and the product of a patricidal hierarchy fostering belief based on words and phrases intended to foster blind faith with no thought … sorry …. your attempt to convince me some people are worthy of heaven and others aren’t … doesn’t resonate you are no better than anyone else in this world …. open your mind .,.,. seek awareness … seek the truth .,.. you’ll find it within … along with the connection of the world around you … ,god is awareness … not judgement …. ks

    • I don’t believe your fight is with me. I also do not think you have read my post because no where do I talk about Gods rules to follow! The God I follow is a God of grace and mercy, full of love and compassion! One day there will be judgement though for those who do not recieve the free gift! You sound very angry, but I do not believe that to be because of my post. I am sorry if there are those out there that have made you feel condemned! There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus! Blessings my friend, blessings

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