As Paul says we are all accounted as sheep headed to the slaughter
Oh precious Zion, I have found your daughter
Upon this flesh surrounding my living soul
I’m in the elite with the weak. We are chained together to a living hope
To the one who says when we are weak we are strong
Bound together holding hands around the cross
Singing praises to him and songs. I find a longing to be free from this flesh
Knowing it’s sentenced to the death, Once and for all
There it stays, fertilizer to the earth remains
Though our spirits so pure and cleansed of earthly stains
The cracking of this shell explains. The joy we feel inside
In the warmth of his grace, we blossom as his saints
With the changing of the tides. Into everlasting we are released
Into his presence, overflowing his love and peace. The birth of a new body
The birth of promise


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