The lies of the devil are a prison built by the crafty one, seeking all who will listen by their fear of life. The hearts of the innocent fooled by his illusions, twisting the truth of life. Only faith and a pure heart can defeat his evil plan. Holding to truth through humility. A surrender to fear, can turn to power when holding the shield of faith and no longer bowing to fears and lies. Standing strong against the winds of lies and fears, will bring a swift change in the tides. A hope draws near bringing power and truth in its sword. Courage and submission to the one who holds glory in his hands. The mark of love still shown on his wrists, and side. Marks made for you and I. See past your fears, see the vision of truth and walk towards it, pushing past your fears and the sea of the unknown. Push through the moments of a false lighted defeat. See it as a moment of heart, breaking through a locked door with the key of truth. It is through this way of living can you unlock Gods anointing. Learning, fighting through moments of character lanterns, shining light on areas of need. There only to bring forth Glory when the fight is in true hands. The hands of God. Another name for fear is Satan. The name of faith is Christ.

Psalm 146:7


  1. Reblogged this on mylivemyblog and commented:
    love it, it made me cry just reading it im a person who has there belife in God i do belive Hehis real but iv had mu doubts about Him so this just touched my heart as if God spoke it meand said “here is your miracle”

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