In the nest without a worry in the world
Daddy goes out and does the hard work, bringing the straw to build the nest
He goes hunting to bring home food and momma does the rest
Guarding, protecting, feeding, nesting, preparing for the days to come
Now its time for the little one to spread its wings
Out from the nest its soars and sings, yet on its own now, it’s free
Vulnerable to what this hard world brings
It’s not long its wings damaged and can no longer fly
Daddy soars across the sky, responding to his darlings cries
Once again safe from the world and in the comfort of the nest
Mamma tends to the wings and daddy prepares to teach and test
Full of love he’s hard and stern, this times preparations must be learned
Discipline the building of character, maturity an inner strength
This time there will be no mistakes
The hard lessons, it now must face to fly alone
Daddy guides with a list of directions with complete love in his heart
The words of guidance seem hard, His truth at times stings
Only to protect against broken wings

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