I wonder if God loves to shop
I bet He does, as He goes from yard to yard
Looking at people’s junk
They say one mans junk is another mans treasure
I believe God looks for junk and turns it into treasure
The biggest job for God is not finding the junk
The junk is everywhere
It’s convincing the junk, it’s treasure
One must understand the power in His word
One must dare to believe, and receive
I wonder if God is shopping at your house today
I wonder if He was, what you would have to say
Would you tell Him why you are not worth the time or day
Would you tell Him there is better junk then you
Or do you already since, you are more than junk
Or do you feel like a ship that’s already sunk
There is something special about junk
Some junk is priceless when found by one with knowledge
Some junk when in the right hands
Can be worth more than when new
I happen to ponder this thought, then thought of you
I hope this message is getting through
He knows your inner struggles, the rejection you feel
The power in His message is real
You just have to believe
Quit comparing yourself and receive
There is a miracle knocking at your door
Push through your thoughts, open your heart
There is something beautiful in store
That something beautiful is you
Already bought and paid for

Zechariah 9:14 The Lord Will Appear

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