I was lost, life had no meaning
Everything I tried fell beneath me
Hiding my weakness, feeling insane
Looking for something to numb my pain
Blinded by sin wickedness would begin
To grow with leaps and bounds
Lies filling my head with horrible sounds
Hiding the pain, ignoring the signs
I created a monster that couldn’t be bound
The monster grew with terrible sounds
The roar of my body crying for food
I found myself in a famine, I could never assume
I couldn’t bare the pain, I hung my head in shame
A man like me should surely deserve to die
I bowed my head and began to cry, holding my hands to pray
For what could I possibly say
I lifted my voice in fear, awaiting his fury to appear
With a quietness to my surprise,
He lifted my chin and gazed into my eyes
He said I am he the builder of trees
For eternity you and I will be, forever is thy love for thee
You were blind and now you see
We will have a celebration for all who come to me
Trumpets and angels singing, set me off to a new beginning

Luke 15

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