Everything in my life is like shattered glass
Once a lamb lost in the past
Sought out and found, and given a life to last
It’s Your glory revealed
Your love within me is like shattered glass
Broken to pieces and melted under fire
As hands to clay, You bring the beauty of creation
I was formed by Your patients
Your glory revealed,
The blind now see,
The lame now leap,
The deaf now hear,
The words of our Savior are so clear
In You I trust in my brokenness, when You’re done I will see Your holiness
So let my life be as broken glass, so that I might stand to the task
Your glory revealed
Keep me humble and at Your feet
Bring me to your fountain, so I can come to drink
I find myself thinking of who I use to be, and all I see
Is Your glory revealed

Isaiah 35:1-8


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