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There is an amazing power in worship, stopping in our daily activities to open our hearts to the Lord and sing to Him! Sing what ever comes to mind. Sing the desires of your heart. Sing through the difficult times. Sing when you feel bound up, stressed, angry and watch the power of it break. Singing in the presence of God through depression, fear, doubt and watch the Lord bring joy back into your heart. Tapping into the well of God, drinking in the love of our savior is a wonderful place to enter. I say enter because worship brings your spirit into the Holy of Hollies. There is healing found in worship. There is restoration to our spirits through worship.

I want you to do something! Take Just the line OOH Jesus open your heart to Him and sing it over and over OOH Jesus! Then after bringing in His spirit add I love you. Then sing it together OOH Jesus I love you. Repeat it over and over until you feel Him near and share the special moment with Him.

Heavenly Father I invite you into this place of worship. I pray for your presence, I pray for healing, I pray for sensitivity to your spirit. I pray for restoration, joy, peace, and the fullness of your love to lavish upon us in Jesus name Amen!


3 thoughts on “OOH JESUS

  1. I listen to Christian music all the time, but I rarely sing myself. But on a better note I’m trying to get back to making Christian hip-hop again. Hopefully it will go well the next time I start. I did sing the ooh Jesus, one I like is : Father I adore you, lay my life before you, how I love you! And repeat with Jesus then Holy Spirit.

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