(John Doe) Jesus when can I serve you?
How together must I be?

(JESUS) Do you care about what others think
Or what I think?
I modeled for you
I came to serve, and not to be served
There Is now no condemnation
For those who are in Christ Jesus
Others may judge you
My blood has covered you
Now do not judge or you will be judged
Trust me to do the work
Only the spirit can do
What does it serve a man to live
By the power of his flesh
Live by the power of my spirit
Trust In me alone
Do not listen to what others think
Let my word in you complete
The work I set before your feet
By my burdens you are free
No longer place back on the chains, I broke
It is my yoke that carries you
The call is to Serve me
So feed my sheep and tend to my flock
Serve one another

(John Doe) OK Lord, thank you!

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