I see you in everything
Fall comes, I get on my knees
It’s pruning season, you know my needs
Winter comes, I see barren trees
Summer, the dry and thirsty land
The desert a place strong trees stand
Where dry bones live
By your words we speak and give
Resurrection to dead things
spring, new life it gives, and brings
Color and blessings to everything
Night, the darkness comes
Sin, from death runs
Day, the light of truth becomes
The answer to the darkness
Evil, hides around every corner
Good, the conviction, the Warner
The giving heart
The selfless soul, giving part
Of all that is given
This is the heart driven
By the word of the living truth
Then shared among our youth
Rain, the living water from Heaven
Wind, the breath of God, the leaven
To empower the saints
Our fleshes only restraints
Helping us achieve Gods will
It isn’t until My heart worships
Sings, I see you in

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