I know it’s in there, I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it’s warmth. I’ve known it’s comfort, I’ve seen it’s wealth. It’s hiding, it’s protected, it’s built up walls. It’s so down deep, one can’t explore. Where it is, just a glimmer of light revels it’s existence. With my own walls, have I kept myself from reaching it?

Whats the combination? Misunderstanding? Poorly chosen words, a sharp tongue, fear of revealing all to you, a wall of my own? Bitterness, disappointment, rudeness, lack of respect? Have I lost the combination? Will it ever open? Can I break down these walls, I’m part in building?

This life is hard, it doesn’t help my efforts, I search my own heart, only to find its in the same condition. I will spend my life exploring as an archeologist. With Christ as my chief explorer. I will search every corner, every angle. From one end to the other, to once again discover the beauty down deep. The treasure I lost, the treasure yet discovered, this heart of yours that’s been covered. This covered heart!

9 thoughts on “COVERED HEART

    • There are two kinds of deaths fiscal, and spiritual. It doesn’t matter how long you have walked with God, If you let life take your focus away from Him, you will begin to feel the separation in the form of spiritual death. Pride, arrogance can also cause a separation from the spirit called quenching the spirit. Sometimes we are not only dealing with our hearts but that of our relationships and children. Not always do we handle those Godly. God must walk us through the dead areas of our hearts to bring life where there was none!

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