We are to Him a kingdom of priest
A glorious Nation, our doubt must cease
Royalty by His right, to us insight
To the way we must live in Him
Promise rapped around our hearts
Truth the robe that sets us apart
His presence sought out daily
His heart we live for mainly
To overcome this world and live for Him
Anointed for a purpose
Seeking power against sin. Rallying His kin
For the celebration at this life’s end
We will enter as heirs being celebrated
Our enemy desolated
After the battle of all battles, the victory bell rings
Ushering us in, the angels praise Him and sing
He places those loved, separated, inclined
At the gate we enter the glory of all time
The ring shall be given, paid by His debt
Our focus to the truth, the faith we accept
Is to be our, mind set

Ephesians 4:22-23

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