He was a nice man, always trying to be a good person
Soon His life would take a diversion
From what He knew to be true
It was suppose to be a fun night out with a friend or two
They went to a local pub, watched the game and had few drinks
What happened next, is not what one considers or thinks
It was late that night, as he was driving home
Laughing to himself at some of their jokes, while coming to a stop
He drove forward, out from nowhere came a car speeding through
It happened so fast, there was nothing he could do
Thrown from his car and left unconscious
The ambulance came and he was unresponsive
The next thing he knew, he was full of fear
The pain he felt was severe
He knew he was falling into the darkness. There were creatures and demons
Flying in and out and around him, he didn’t understand the reasons
The terror he felt, he couldn’t breathe, He tried to focus, but couldn’t see
His lips were chapped, his mouth completely dry, he desperately needed a drink
The stress He felt, the burning sensation, the condemnation, the agitation
He could hear loud screams from millions of people, he began to grind and gnash his teeth
He regained consciousness for a second, he could hear the surgeon saying “were loosing him”
In that moment he understood where he was, the shock, the anxiousness, the plea
He yelled! “Oh my God your real, please forgive me, save me God, please!”
There a light in the distance drawing closer, As the devil himself, the composer
Of the dark abyss, grabbed him by the wrist, and then suddenly he was jolted
When he heard His voice ” Go now and tell everyone the truth”
The feeling he had was like he had found the fountain of youth
He woke in the hospital, a changed man
Hopefully if you hear his story you will understand
Time is short when you take a glance, you too could have a second chance!

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