Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow is here. A year has come and gone, and the days seem to fly by. Time never stands still and the clock never stops running. I’ve gone from young and strong, to old and wise. It’s not that I despise the preciousness of life and the time that I have been given. I am driven to serve you more and time seems to be knocking on my door. I want to slow time down, I want to take it all in. I don’t know where to begin, because the busyness of life consumes my focus. It’s like locus eating up my most precious moments. It’s sad, yet I’m glad I’m not alone. We all share the same problem, the serpent and the fruit is the root of our own demise. We still listen to lies and now we’re running out of time. This isn’t about depression, it’s about the message. Help us Lord, remove the enemies hold on us and help us regain our focus! With time not on our side, and the wind of time blowing ever more quickly, may we stop and care for what really matters!

May God help us manage our time, and prioritize our lives to focus on those most important!

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