Be crucified with You


Be crucified with You

Sweat drips upon my lips
The taste of sour grapes
Was it yours or was it mine
A bitter wine
The water wont turn
The feast is almost over
The clock grows colder
Than I’ve ever known
Must I remain a shallow grave
Like David must I act insane
Shall I dance naked in the rain
You once called me by name
Have I lost my way
As the psalmist would say
Remember your promise today
You will never forsake
Those whom you have called
Instead we share “wormwood”
At the time misunderstood
That we would
Be crucified with You

I felt with such a deep message I should edit with some commentary so you will better understand the deep hidden message. We all go through struggles some worse than others. Some give us an eternal feeling of a death taking place within us. Most of the time producing great change. The feeling we can have and the emotions during those times left me picturing Jesus on the cross when he said Father why have you forsaken me. The very moment when Jesus took on all of our sin. God turned His face away from Jesus for that moment.

As His word says we are all everyday headed like sheep to the slaughter. It feels like when we are working through change in our lives and our sin is at the surface that God seems absent. Or turning His face from our sin when just the opposite is taking place He is covering our sin! “Wormwood” Is our ability to share that death with Christ and what it means at the crucifix. The blood sweat tears, the pain and the powerful love that was displayed!

Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers
(34) Vinegar to drink mingled with gall.—In Mark 15:23, “wine mingled with myrrh.” The animal secretion known as “gall” is clearly out of the question, and the meaning of the word is determined by its use in the Greek version of the Old Testament, where it stands for the “wormwood” of Proverbs 5:4, for the poisonous herb joined with “wormwood” in Deuteronomy 29:18. It was clearly something at once nauseous and narcotic, given by the merciful to dull the pain of execution, and mixed with the sour wine of the country and with myrrh to make it drinkable. It may have been hemlock, or even poppy-juice, but there are no materials for deciding. It is probable that the offer came from the more pitiful of the women mentioned by St. Luke (Luke 23:27) as following our Lord and lamenting. Such acts were among the received “works of mercy” of the time and place. The “tasting” implied a recognition of the kindly purpose of the act, but a recognition only. In the refusal to do more than taste we trace the resolute purpose to drink the cup which His Father had given Him to the last drop, and not to dull either the sense of suffering nor the clearness of His communion with His Father with the slumberous potion. The same draught was, we may believe, offered to the two criminals who were crucified with Him.

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