I can see you
Can you see me
I know this disguise
Makes it difficult to see
There are wolves in sheep clothing
It’s not a grudge that I’m holding
When no one is looking, they can simply be mean
Someone else, I’m not trying to be
I feel forced as a sheep, a wolves clothing to wear
It’s a protection if you really care
A sheep surrounded by a pack of wolves
If you don’t fit in and look like a sinner
The wolves just might eat you for dinner

I know this subject hits us all especially in the work place. Gaining acceptance can be very difficult especially when your values seem alien to the majority. The temptation to be accepted is very difficult especially when you compromise who you are. Fitting in with wolves can be very hard on a Christian. I would love your response and opinion!

Be of them, not like them!



  1. Very good! I agree, fitting in with the wolves can be very hard on a Christian! The beautiful thing though is if we stay strong with the Grace of God, we know how it all turns out in the end. Thank you again for this very creative poem.

  2. It is a challenge we face as a Christian to try to ‘fit in’ where we want to belong, but the thing that sticks with me all the time is that scripture (I cannot remember where it is found) that says, “They will know you by the fruit you bear.” It is not always necessary to speak aloud I think to everyone to announce that we are a believer and Christian to everyone, but they will learn that I believe soon enough by the strong witness in our character; how we respond, what we say and do, what our values are, and things we do not want to do just because everyone else is doing it. Our ‘fruit’ will speak for us in that way, I believe. And then sometimes there will be a need to be outright honest and speak about our faith. The circumstances and situations can be different in all, but the Holy Spirit will lead us during those times and show us the way.

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