Patient though I’m anxious
For promises to be fulfilled
Obstacles, trials, growth instilled
Failures, setbacks, the process within
A constant working through my sin
Anticipation is overwhelming
The person your developing
My eyes at times can’t see
My heart, my faith, give me peace
The goodness of God
How sweet you are, mysteries unseen
How lovely are your thoughts of me
Upon creation you numbered my hairs
So many worries and so many cares
For what? Your favor already spoken
A child of yours a token
Of whats yet to come
Blessings, favor, my creator
My savior
I’m waiting

5 thoughts on “I’M WAITING

  1. In times of sorrow I like to find places where I can read something like your posts, but I have little time in my life, so my reading is short too. Thank you!

  2. I like this one a lot . It sums up what we all go through in our Christian walk . The shaping , the refining , the constant lessons .

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