For the purpose of today
You can call me Moses
I shall call you Egypt
As we float here in the middle of the ocean
There are a few things you should know
No elements can hurt you
You are under protection on this journey
You will experience fear and emotions
But relax and enjoy this journey
You will see great sharks and creatures never seen
But do not worry, be ready to dive deep
Oh and of course for today you will be able to breathe
Are you ready? Lets Go
Follow me, OK, as we start to descend, the pressure will increase
It is understandable to feel anxiety
Continue to breathe normal, notice the whales to your left
This is the great fish, the ancestor of what swallowed Jonah
Just a little further and we shall reach the center
OK, Lets stop here for a few
The center holds the memories of your past
Many never make it past this point
Never mind the sharks circling
The sharks if they could, would devour you here
We will remain here, in the depths of your past, for most of the day
There is a lot to deal with here
Some people struggle to look at what resides here
Some, you have pushed way down, but today they will be forced to the surface
Trust me, there is a purpose for coming here
This is not intended to bring judgement upon you
Only a time to look in the center of your hearts, ocean of memory
Please look at it all, even if it is hard
Many thoughts, lies, struggles will be found here
Pain, disappointment, and shame, but also memories of joy
Your going to need to take it all with you, to where we are going next
If you are unable, we can go no deeper, and return another day
Now that you have chosen to look and deal with all of this
You must now forgive yourself and others in your past
That took a lot of courage and now we can dive deeper to the bottom
Be sure to leave nothing behind, you will need to bring it all with you
We are nearing the bottom, you can see, it is surprisingly bright
There, straight down, stands the Father, The Son, and the Holly spirit
When we hit the bottom, kneel, holding out your past and forgiveness
You will be able to see, hear and feel Gods presence at this depth
As soon as He pours His presence and forgiveness over you, hold tight
You will be jolted to the surface, I will be there waiting for You
Wow! look at you, You are walking on the oceans surface
No longer will you be called Egypt, but I will call you Cephas, Peter
The rock that will never sink, instead you now walk on water
Of the depths you overcame and the faith you now have found, encountering
The day dream

MICAH 7:19
KJ21 He will turn again; He will have compassion upon us; He will subdue our iniquities. And Thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.


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