As the rain symbolizes renewal or new life
As water turned to wine, the bride, the wife
Joined together by the blood sacrifice
The binding of two into one, thanks be to Christ
The wife the crown on His head, the Husband the covering
As the bride of Christ we are always discovering
Deep and powerful truths, by His spirit we are renewed
His spirit the water for our soul, little did Peter know
When Christ sought to wash his feet
Unless I wash your feet, you shall have no part in me
Then wash all of me. Those whom have already been washed
Do not need to be washed entirely, only their feet
You are clean, once you received, so have a seat
And allow Him to wash your feet, from where you have walked
Allow Him to cleanse your daily sins, so His blessings wont be blocked
At the well He said give me a drink, If you knew who it was, asking for a drink
You would ask Me for a drink, I would give you a drink, you will never thirst again, so think
What He was saying, the hard clay of your heart, a little water, you might start
To soften to the truth, a little molding, a little shaping
The wall upon your heart, now relating, to the Holy of Hollies
Moses, speak to the rock, don’t strike it
What I like about this, is the gentleness, and mercy he parts
As Jesus bore our stripes, He doesn’t strike our hearts
He speaks to them, holding in His gentle hands a
Stone vessel

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