As I entered the side of the mountain
After days of climbing, down deep I see
A light shining, on what looks like a fountain
A glimmer of light shines through, the glare
Reflecting from the water, an amazing blue
The inner walls, cristal like, with a blue reflection
Dark, yet enough light to guide the direction
The fountain overflowing, causing the stream
To flow in sections
Wondering where it all leads to
I hear a voice echoe, follow the stream
Frightened, I wonder what this means
The walls ridged, I must move with care
The bottom in reach, as I stare, beautiful, I’m aware
Like a trance I’m taken, by a tunnel filled with color
All reflecting from the stream of the fountain
I ask myself, what kind is this mountain
I’ve climbed many mountains, but never entered one
I follow the tunnel, once again a voice
Inside the mountain, you will find decisions, a choice
To continue on or to quit, the stream to the left is my voice
If you go on your own or quit, greater challenges exist
Trust me and follow my voice, challenges yes, but less sorrow
Instead of dead ends, around each corner a newness begins
Mysteries I’ve layed out for you to explore
Favor, blessings, transformation, glory
This is where you will find your life’s story
I must tell you where you are, we are inside your heart
In your heart is a story, I’d like to help you tell
The fountain is my spirit living in you
The mountain is life, and you will climb many
This is where, you, I am sending
You will experience many peaks and valleys
Like Moses you will see my Glory, if you follow my voice
Once again, it’s your choice, so choose
In this life you will only loose, if you quit
So look deep inside, see the fountain
Listen to my voice, and climb
You will find what your looking for
In time!

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