Stained, infected, discarded, a dirty rag
I can see how the world is blinded, it’s sad
So many dreams we all had, shattered with disappointment
Mistakes, brokenness, poor choices, things we resent
Realizing at some point, something isn’t right
Rejection, hatred, UN-forgiveness, continuous fights
Jealousy, anger, unwanted behavior, temptations
It all leads at some point, to the heart
If the heart hurts, one might admit, one starts
To drink, do you think, your sorrows, belong only to you
I can tell you of more than a few
Yes, in this world, it’s not only sadness and pain
Yet, still there are those who’ve been stained
You may have been strong through it, and chose right
Though your heart still grows cold at night
It would be like saying, you never get dirt on your shoes
There are people crying, and a world denying, He exists
Does one need to hit their bottom, to see their sin
One might begin to wonder, with so much dirt, you can just cover it
Still underneath is a heart, infected, a dirty rag
At the alter He stands, a King, one day, to all, He will be seen
He waits, the sacrifices offered, ones heart handed over
Placed on the alter of mercy
His pure, holy tears fall, upon the stained heart
Made clean


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