I am a first generational Christian. In Deuteronomy 30: It talks about generational blessings and curses. What it says about them is they are passed down.

If you have walked without God, the bible says you are still under the curse, and if you are walking with God you are no longer under the curse, and can begin walking out of it. The process of sanctification.

From time to time I have been able to tell if a person has been walking with God for years and that many generations of their family as well. I could see on a persons face, the way they carry themselves, the words they say, the peace over them, that their family has walked with God for many generations, because of the outward blessings that are over that person. Even their eyes shine of Gods presence. For the eyes are the windows to our soul.

It is much more difficult to discern a first generational Christian. Why is this? Well, the best way to describe it to you is this. When someone is freed from slavery, they are changed, yes, which changes the future generation for sure, but look at anyone who has been freed from slavery. Egypt for example. Look at after they were freed how they still struggled. Were they completely free or did they have inner prisons still holding them captive? You can see it today, slavery has a long journey of healing after one has been set free, there are inner prisons one must still walk out of.

Generational curses have been devastating the Christian community for years, look at the Catholic Church for example. The sexual abuse has gone on for years. It started somewhere! How many innocent children did it destroy. What did it teach them at a young age. Was it their fault? At what age, are they now held accountable for what they were taught at such an early age. What have we done to find them and reach them to begin their healing before it’s too late?

What about the children introduced to sexual abuse by the own parents, and those children become prostitutes, and so on. They were plagued by a curse. Look at alcoholics, it seems to be passed down from generation to generation.

Even Christians can struggle with these curses. If a Christian is an alcoholic, does it mean he or she is not really saved?
I believe being saved means you have been washed of your sins and have been forgiven. Not, made perfect, or free from all sin. Once a person finds God they must walk out their salvation with Him, seeking freedom from all bondage and sin.

Christians that are fourth, fifth, ninth, twenty third generational, most of the Christians have no real understanding of the generational blessing they are walking in. What those before them walked out of, the hard work they went through allowing God to heal and change them, from generation to generation, as they passed down their testimonies of what God did for them.

When the Egyptians were walking toward the promise land, only some got to enter. Why? Because sometimes it takes years of hard work to change the inner prisoner. Blessings and curses always start with someone. The first generation must do the most inner work of all other generations especially if that person came from abuse! Their hard work will set up the generations after them, to really experience the full blessings of God. Not that the first generation won’t experience tremendous blessings, they simply might not be the ones to enter the promise land, like those who will come after them. There were a few that did go into the promise land. I guess it had to do with, maturity, and how quickly a person learns obedience to God. Whatever promise land we find from our relationship with God here on earth, we are all headed to the promise land to live with Him forever!

As a first generational Christian I believe I am called by God. I believe I am saved but I am positive that times in my life there are people who wouldn’t think I’m a Christian at all. Because I am still walking out my salvation and have years of living with family who taught me how not to be a Christian. I have had to minister to my family, my children, the truth about what God did for me, to watch the generational blessing move forward. I can already see what the hard work has done for the future.

The point of this blog is, you and I do not know where others are or have been, and it is so easy to judge especially if you are living off the the hard work of past generations, giving you the freedom, blessings of the promise land. God promises to the new believer that the blessings will be passed down to their children.

Those who have just received Christ and have been set free who have many chains they still carry, I do not judge you, I ask you to keep fighting, looking to God to further free you, because He will. Do not be to hard on yourself, trust Him, seek Him, for the continual promise He has for you and the generations to come!

Every person that God has called to Himself, has begun the process of being set free from the curse. The future generations are now changing because of the grace and mercy of God! The bondage and slavery, the chains they once carried are being set free. For some continual back sliding and struggling to grab hold. God is faithful to each and everyone He has called. No matter where you are in your faith, hold to the truth, and promises of God. Your courage to come to Christ, to change the direction of your life into the truth is the most powerful thing you have done. No matter how much pain you have come from, God is faithful to heal and bless your future and those who come after you. Stay strong!

God says do not judge because you can not see to the heart, only He can. So I hope this blog post helped you look at things in a different light!

Be careful not to judge! Gods word says judge and you will be judged!

Instead pray for those Christians you question, be the extra strength they need. Find the grace in your heart, God gave to you! Try to understand people come from different size holes, some were very deep pits, that need a hand and love to get out of!

2 thoughts on “BE CAREFUL NOT TO JUDGE

  1. Thank you for addressing this issue, for I was one of those who had to grow up at seven and care for children younger because my parents were alcoholics and went on benders. But God saved me. I truly believe He was with me even when I was very young, but I did not know it until later . This is such a good testimony,and I am still working out the curse and forgiving the perpetrators. Everyone deserves forgiveness just as God has forgiven us that we may pass that on to other. thanks much and I love your work. jlheman1945

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