Waking with seizure like symptoms
So young and innocent, but the nightly rhythms
Of his sleep, is interrupted with terror in the deep
Unconsciousness of his mind. Is there something behind this evil
At age two, waking to bees on his bottle
At a time he’s just learning to toddle
Having to deal with such attacks
The black bird on the dresser
The shadow man, the aggressor
It leaves one to question, what is happening here
Is there more to appear, is something unclear
In what I can do, how and why is this happening
I need answers to these questions I’m asking
I will ask the Pastor of our church
A door was opened he said, find it, close it
Then go to his bed and pray
That night we joined hands, a gave the commands, to be gone
There was a sound like a bomb that went off in the corner of the room
There were dark powers chased away I assume
They will no longer resume
Night terrors

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