Dim the lights, take the white candle by your hand
Then light it, place it on it’s stand
Focus on it’s flame and understand
All that it represents, Holy is He
The pure fire that burns in me
The light that came into our darkness
Light my heart and may it never part with this
The King of Kings called my name
My life in Him, will never be the same
His flame burns all my transgressions
His spirit guides my daily lessons
The growing and learning of who He is
A life that was saved and now lives
For Him and Him alone
His love and grace has set the tone
Of His unwavering light
A light that burns eternally bright
A mercy, we one day, shall fully know
It was on the cross, devotion and love was shown
He will never leave or forsake us
Though we are faithless, He is faithful and we can trust
Every word that comes from the mouth of God
So gaze at the flame, let it, your heart be prod
By the light of truth, and let it burn in you
Allow your heart to be burdened free
Open your eyes, to His burning flame and see
No longer, living in


One thought on “UNCERTAINTY

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