I sit here waiting on you
A place so dear and true
The place I first heard your voice
As you quieted my thoughts, my heart rejoiced
From the peace that came over me
There, came your still small voice
Speaking kindness to my damaged heart
It was here, you would start
To show me who I am
You gave me beauty, from the ashes
You took my my sin, by the lashes
That exposed, your devotion and love
You revealed your amazing presence
The sweetness, the essence, of your love
You captured my heart, changed me from within
You became my invisible friend
You unveiled faith to me
You gave me eyes to see
You guided me to the door, I knocked
You opened, and my life unfolded
To the process of knowing, you
Truly love me

6 thoughts on “TRULY LOVE ME

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  2. You are always so honest and pure and clear and direct at the same time. thank you for sharing your past for mine is much like that also and yes, only God is the answer. You are so valuable as a writer and truth teller. thank you. come see me jlheman1945

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