A long and dark winter
A gloom hovers
Swallowing emotions
The feeling of loss
Seasons counting the cost
The old dying
Pressing forward in love
And faith I’m relying
On all that is written
Of one who died and rose
From the dead
A newness can be seen
In the face of the redeemed
A vine withered and cut off
A new branch forming
It feels so soft
A light breaks through
From all that seemed lost
Promise layers the sky with color
The rain seems to discover
The life it is bringing
All around an echo of singing
To life and new beginnings


  1. The thing to me is? Two beautiful expressions of an experience that cannot be taught. An spiritual experience only fully absorbed by likewise experiences. Thus? The “You shall receive power to be My witness in the 4 corners of the earth….” is fulfilled. HalleluYah! 🙂

  2. Don’t know about prophesying but, yes. Your poem is coming from your spirit not your mind, to me? You are expressing the new birth experience Yahushua talked to Nicodemus about in John 3. This experience cannot properly be grasped unless one has experienced the same thing you wrote about. Do that make sense?
    Been reading the Scriptures since 1974 but, it is only in the last 7 years that our Father/Creator gave life to those Scriptures within my being. Now? I live in the Spirit not in my mind or memory.
    On the boot? He places the ones of His choice to cross path with me. So? There you have it. Yes, is deep BUT, very simple. All is needed is to quit DEPENDING on our CONSTANT & unrelenting mind avalanche of thoughts and ideas.
    We cannot stop such avalanche! No way! But we can easily refuse to DEPEND on our thinking. Thus my latest, Die In The Present Live In Eternity or Die To Live. Hope that link works because I am still working on that blog.
    love, thia

  3. I am blessed to hear your words and explanation, you are so right. I love that moment with Jesus and Nicodemus, I often wonder if like you Nicodemus was given the gift to see and understand by the spirit? I believe Jesus taught him that for a reason, a future reason and my heart tells me Nicodemus went on to share the love of the Lord. I am so happy to have shared this conversation with you! Continue to remain blessed! I have a new friend in Christ Jesus!

  4. Goodness sake, my sister? Our Master is for real. No theory. Not a teaching. Not an idea. Not a concept. A REAL MAJESTIC ENTITY BEYOND THE HUMAN CAPACITY TO UNDERSTAND. I’m dumbfound! Been 4 years since this exchange took place. Why it popped up now? lol 🙂 Joyful! I’m working the post on the subject. What an AWESOME YAH we serve! Check if you may plz, will post this matter maybe tomorrow.

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