In a world gone mad, I can’t help but to be sad
At what has become the new norm
It’s like a storm that blew over and never blew away
What can I say, as days grow darker
I’m left with only this light given to me
A light meant to shine
It’s at this precious time, it’s meant to shine even more
If my words are touching your soul
Then let it be known, there is a light shining greater than me
It is He that will set you free, and fulfill your needs
In dark times like these
It only takes a word spoken in the dark, from the heart
Where this light can be reached
There is only one name that can claim the power of light
Only in His name, can the blind gain sight
His name is Jesus

22 thoughts on “HIS NAME IS JESUS

  1. It IS good to see you back Brother Ken. I knew it had been a while but didn’t realize it was THAT long. Time does get away from us. I LOVE this new poem and it goes right along with something I posted yesterday, so if you don’t mind I think later today I will have to reblog it!! God bless Brother, hope all is well!

    • Great to hear from you, the reason I have been away is the poetry took a turn and now is been put to music, I posted 3 videos press on, rose of Sharon, you lift me up! Please check out the music and share it to as many as you can! This is what God is doing currently!! Great to hear from you!

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