I have been writing poetry since I was 32, that was twenty years ago when God gave me the gift at a retreat! After years of sharing this gift It has been put to music by two producers I met, Michael Feifer and Brandon Jarrett. They did an amazing job! I pray God uses these songs to bless and heal! I hope you like it, and if you do like it, please share it! Thank you!


I wrote this in 2015 and it really triggered something in a lot of bloggers! Thought i would share again!




Do you see me
Can you hear my heart
Have I poured out, and given part
Of my treasures deep within
Has who I am, been truly given
To you as a gift
I can’t see you
Do you think you know me
Together by words, are we free
Can we fill each others needs
To be known

Does God read my blog? I believe He does. I believe He is my number one fan. The desire to be known, and there is one who knows us more than anyone.
God takes more interest in us than we can truly understand. Blogging, I have come to realize, I have a strong desire for my voice to be heard. Not only are we heard but our person is revealed through what we write. Our interest, our person, personality, passion, heart, and Character for the most part. Are we…

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I see you, I’m waiting
My dear, time is fading
I long for you to see
I have come, to set you free

Everyday I wait, for you to hear my call
The life I have for you, delivered from the fall
A renewed life, will come to be
I have come, to set you free

If you could open your heart to me
You would see, what your life in me would bring
My love for you, would sing
I have come to set you free

So let the clouds be moved
So your heart can be soothed
Let my light in, let it gleam
I have come to set you free

Let your faith be awakened
Let your hope be renewed
There is promise waiting for you
I have come to set you free

I come across people everyday that do not understand what Jesus has done for them. I see the love of God reaching towards them yet they refuse to see. If they would make the smallest effort to find the truth, what God would do in their life. If you are reading this and the person I described sounds like you. Please make a simple prayer from your heart asking Jesus to show you that he is real and open your heart for Him to show you. I am confident He will do Just that. May you know the full love and understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Did you start out running in Christ
Did you fall deep in love, giving all your might
Did you believe, he called you to fight
Against all the enemy came to destroy
Did you put on your full armor and learn to deploy
The prayers of a warrior and use your sword
Did you find fellowship becoming of one accord
Did you serve Him and take your stand
Freeing others, the demons you reprimand
Did you climb mountains and overcome
Did you win battles and limp from some
Did you wrestle with God at times
Did He reveal himself and deliver you from lies
Did the enemy tempt you, and you went astray
Did you repent and with Him you stay
Are you struggling like all of us
I’m so glad we can discuss
This walk we are in
What is your walk like




She was young, and soon to wear the petals white
A virgins purity, catching sight
Of the flower she was, an Angel visited because
She was to carry a Rose, a Rose as red as rubies
Her white petals represented what was to come
To whom receive her Son, salvation is given
Flowers of the field, born in Him, and forgiven
The souls of the departed, shall receive restored innocence after death
The burdened, the weak, those in need, shall find rest
The Rose would be born with a crown of thorns
Hearts in Him formed, by His truth
She watched Him die, then rise to glory
Blessed among women, the lily of this story
May we all be touched by the Rose you carried
Oh, Mary, A lily in the garden

Meaning & Symbolism of Lilies

Dating as far back as 1580 B.C., when images of lilies were discovered in a villa in Crete, these majestic flowers have long held a role in ancient mythology. Derived from the Greek word “leiron,” (generally assumed to refer to the white Madonna lily), the lily was so revered by the Greeks that they believed it sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. Lilies are known to be the May birth flower, and the 30th wedding anniversary flower.

While white lilies symbolize chastity and virtue – and were the symbol of the Virgin Mary’s purity and her role of Queen of the Angels – as other varieties became popular, they brought with them additional meanings and symbolism as well. Peruvian lilies, or alstroemeria, represent friendship and devotion, white stargazer lilies express sympathy and pink stargazer lilies represent wealth and prosperity. Symbolizing humility and devotion, lilies are the 30th anniversary flower – while lilies of the valley are the 2nd wedding anniversary flower.

As the flowers most often associated with funerals, lilies symbolize that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death.



I am a first generational Christian. In Deuteronomy 30: It talks about generational blessings and curses. What it says about them is they are passed down.

If you have walked without God, the bible says you are still under the curse, and if you are walking with God you are no longer under the curse, and can begin walking out of it. The process of sanctification.

From time to time I have been able to tell if a person has been walking with God for years and that many generations of their family as well. I could see on a persons face, the way they carry themselves, the words they say, the peace over them, that their family has walked with God for many generations, because of the outward blessings that are over that person. Even their eyes shine of Gods presence. For the eyes are the windows to our soul.

It is much more difficult to discern a first generational Christian. Why is this? Well, the best way to describe it to you is this. When someone is freed from slavery, they are changed, yes, which changes the future generation for sure, but look at anyone who has been freed from slavery. Egypt for example. Look at after they were freed how they still struggled. Were they completely free or did they have inner prisons still holding them captive? You can see it today, slavery has a long journey of healing after one has been set free, there are inner prisons one must still walk out of.

Generational curses have been devastating the Christian community for years, look at the Catholic Church for example. The sexual abuse has gone on for years. It started somewhere! How many innocent children did it destroy. What did it teach them at a young age. Was it their fault? At what age, are they now held accountable for what they were taught at such an early age. What have we done to find them and reach them to begin their healing before it’s too late?

What about the children introduced to sexual abuse by the own parents, and those children become prostitutes, and so on. They were plagued by a curse. Look at alcoholics, it seems to be passed down from generation to generation.

Even Christians can struggle with these curses. If a Christian is an alcoholic, does it mean he or she is not really saved?
I believe being saved means you have been washed of your sins and have been forgiven. Not, made perfect, or free from all sin. Once a person finds God they must walk out their salvation with Him, seeking freedom from all bondage and sin.

Christians that are fourth, fifth, ninth, twenty third generational, most of the Christians have no real understanding of the generational blessing they are walking in. What those before them walked out of, the hard work they went through allowing God to heal and change them, from generation to generation, as they passed down their testimonies of what God did for them.

When the Egyptians were walking toward the promise land, only some got to enter. Why? Because sometimes it takes years of hard work to change the inner prisoner. Blessings and curses always start with someone. The first generation must do the most inner work of all other generations especially if that person came from abuse! Their hard work will set up the generations after them, to really experience the full blessings of God. Not that the first generation won’t experience tremendous blessings, they simply might not be the ones to enter the promise land, like those who will come after them. There were a few that did go into the promise land. I guess it had to do with, maturity, and how quickly a person learns obedience to God. Whatever promise land we find from our relationship with God here on earth, we are all headed to the promise land to live with Him forever!

As a first generational Christian I believe I am called by God. I believe I am saved but I am positive that times in my life there are people who wouldn’t think I’m a Christian at all. Because I am still walking out my salvation and have years of living with family who taught me how not to be a Christian. I have had to minister to my family, my children, the truth about what God did for me, to watch the generational blessing move forward. I can already see what the hard work has done for the future.

The point of this blog is, you and I do not know where others are or have been, and it is so easy to judge especially if you are living off the the hard work of past generations, giving you the freedom, blessings of the promise land. God promises to the new believer that the blessings will be passed down to their children.

Those who have just received Christ and have been set free who have many chains they still carry, I do not judge you, I ask you to keep fighting, looking to God to further free you, because He will. Do not be to hard on yourself, trust Him, seek Him, for the continual promise He has for you and the generations to come!

Every person that God has called to Himself, has begun the process of being set free from the curse. The future generations are now changing because of the grace and mercy of God! The bondage and slavery, the chains they once carried are being set free. For some continual back sliding and struggling to grab hold. God is faithful to each and everyone He has called. No matter where you are in your faith, hold to the truth, and promises of God. Your courage to come to Christ, to change the direction of your life into the truth is the most powerful thing you have done. No matter how much pain you have come from, God is faithful to heal and bless your future and those who come after you. Stay strong!

God says do not judge because you can not see to the heart, only He can. So I hope this blog post helped you look at things in a different light!

Be careful not to judge! Gods word says judge and you will be judged!

Instead pray for those Christians you question, be the extra strength they need. Find the grace in your heart, God gave to you! Try to understand people come from different size holes, some were very deep pits, that need a hand and love to get out of!




As I entered the side of the mountain
After days of climbing, down deep I see
A light shining, on what looks like a fountain
A glimmer of light shines through, the glare
Reflecting from the water, an amazing blue
The inner walls, cristal like, with a blue reflection
Dark, yet enough light to guide the direction
The fountain overflowing, causing the stream
To flow in sections
Wondering where it all leads to
I hear a voice echoe, follow the stream
Frightened, I wonder what this means
The walls ridged, I must move with care
The bottom in reach, as I stare, beautiful, I’m aware
Like a trance I’m taken, by a tunnel filled with color
All reflecting from the stream of the fountain
I ask myself, what kind is this mountain
I’ve climbed many mountains, but never entered one
I follow the tunnel, once again a voice
Inside the mountain, you will find decisions, a choice
To continue on or to quit, the stream to the left is my voice
If you go on your own or quit, greater challenges exist
Trust me and follow my voice, challenges yes, but less sorrow
Instead of dead ends, around each corner a newness begins
Mysteries I’ve layed out for you to explore
Favor, blessings, transformation, glory
This is where you will find your life’s story
I must tell you where you are, we are inside your heart
In your heart is a story, I’d like to help you tell
The fountain is my spirit living in you
The mountain is life, and you will climb many
This is where, you, I am sending
You will experience many peaks and valleys
Like Moses you will see my Glory, if you follow my voice
Once again, it’s your choice, so choose
In this life you will only loose, if you quit
So look deep inside, see the fountain
Listen to my voice, and climb
You will find what your looking for
In time!


your sacrifice0032

In today’s world with Isis and everything else going on in this world, our Men and Women and their Families sacrifice so much to serve our country! I’m sure the Men and Women who so bravely give of themselves wont mind me putting some focus on the support of their Families! Whether it is the Wife, Husband, Mother, Father, Brother, or Sister, their Families made our service Men and Women who they are. They have given so much to us and them.

I personally want to thank the Family members for their sacrifice for loaning our Brave Men and Women to us to serve and protect our homes, families, children, so we can live our lives daily taking care of the needs we have here. It is because of their sacrifices we can feel safe!

Some of those Families have suffered the greatest sacrifice, their Son or Daughter, Brother or Sister is never coming home because they gave their lives for us! I personally want to tell those Families I am sorry for your loss! I want to thank you for your courage to carry on and your strength that shows why your Armed Force family member had the strength to do what they do and have done for all of us!

I want to pray for Those who have lost someone and those who carry the burden of knowing the dangers their family members face! Heavenly father thank you for these Families and their brave Soldiers that have given so much to all of us. I ask you for your hand upon those who have suffered loss. I also want to ask for your protection over those who are in the field. I pray your blessing and favor over these special people who have given us their most prize possessions, and of themselves to each and everyone of us.

I am proud to be one Nation Under God because of the Families that show the heart of God by giving of themselves. God bless you!!