Am I dreaming? Where is this tunnel leading?
How did I get here? Why am I here?
The sound of something coming near
It’s very dark with a blinding light in the distance
It looks, light years away, like a star in the night sky
I have no fear, the closer I get the joy I feel
bringing tears as I’m overtaken and begin to cry
My life displayed before my eyes, the good with the bad
Like a movie screen, the life that I had
Out of the darkness came an evil looking creature
His features were of one who came back from the dead
Though he was talking and moving his head
He said, you are deserving of damnation
In the most scary wicked voice
There is no other choice but to charge you
In his hands, what looked like chains, as he walked towards me
From behind me a creature stepped in front, saying he is free
The creature was like a lion, and it had wings of an eagle
I watched until its wings were torn off and it was lifted from the ground so that it stood on two feet
He was there to defeat the liar
And escort me to my king
As the enemy descended, the creature talked and defended
Against every word of the enemy
As the light burst outward consuming all darkness
I heard His voice, I saw thousands behind him, dressed in white
I fell to my knees, as the creature stood me upright
I have pleaded your case, my blood has covered you
Enter my beloved, as he reached out his hand
I said, I understand what you have done for me
I grabbed Him, arms rapped around him, because of you I am free
I will never let go
In all eternity



Blessing will rain

As a child he struggled, he didn’t feel smart
He was skinny and weak, and walked with a sad heart
He hated his ears, the other kids would cause tears
That would flow for years, from the teasing
He had a small bladder and wet his bed
Can there be anymore said, of the challenges he faced
His family was like the Brady Bunch from hell
Nine kids in all, what a story to tell
Of the division in that house
If you were a mouse living there, you would have moved
On Halloween, liqueur bottles would sing, as they crashed on the front porch
His mother torched with anger from his fathers drinking
I wonder what his neighbors were thinking
He grew up also, with a problem drinking
He had the feeling his life was sinking
Into a life not worth living
His thoughts were unforgiving, filled with lies
Of who he was, when the change came it wasn’t because
Of the pit he fell in
It was because of the one who picked him up and forgave his sin
It was only then his life would begin
All of the lies crushed by the truth
From the present all of the way back to his youth
He began to understand, his life had purpose
All of the pain could be used for others to gain
As his heart began to change from helping others
No matter what you have gone through, he said
You can rise from the dead, to the living in Christ
Set yourself aside and care for peoples pain
Blessing will rain




I awoke this morning to the birds singing
I went outside, there was a sense of well being
The air was so fresh, a calm breeze blew across my face
It was so quit, as if everyone was sleeping
I found peace and joy in my heart
As if the world had stopped just for a moment
The longing in my heart to draw near to You
I closed my eyes and pictured You in my head
The flowers in the garden began to bloom
The trees filled with the shiniest fruit
The grass grew seven shades greener
The grape vines that never produce were full
A rainbow had criss-crossed another rainbow across the sky
It was most beautiful
A stream came rushing through my feet
Fish with wings jumping over me
The sky a shade of blue I had never seen before
A Man in white came walking towards me with a gleam in his eye
I have never seen Your face, but I knew it was You
Lord please don’t make me leave this place
He spoke to my heart with a smile on His face
I realized there was still more to be saved
With a tear in my eye, I smiled
He knew my love for Him
Keeping all in my heart of that day
I will seek all that You lead me to



My heart cries, for you to know
The deepest parts of me
We’re tangled in this net
I long for you to see
It’s like yarn, in Knots
Your heart from me parts
From this tangled mess
If I could just untangle this
I might be able to reach you
I might be able to show you
I love you
Are these tangles impossible to undue
My heart, has never been more true
I know if we cut the line
It will set us free
Is that where I really want to be
I’d rather take the time
To unravel the tangles together
No matter how long it takes
Together we can mend our mistakes
There is one who can help us
I can’t do it alone
Understand, my heart you own