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Easter is a time for resurrection and the power of Christ from it. Lets lead up to it though, remembering where it came from and that is the Cross. If our Savior had not went on the ultimate rescue mission, where would we be? Love sent Him. A love so pure and deep most cannot imagine. What would cause an all powerful perfect being to put Himself through all He did?

This is the question most ask trying to figure out this God called The Christ! I am not surprised so many are lost trying to answer or find the answer to this question. None of us have even a tear drop of Gods love and that is why it is so deep and so beyond our ability to take it fully in. Purity, Humility, Honesty, Kindness, Sweetness, Gentleness, I could go on forever. I find myself weeping trying to put my words together.

The lost think they are wise to question such a God! The lost have the same argument saying they can’t follow a God that would forgive a child molester. Yet, those who have encountered Him know and submit to Him knowing He is worthy to judge. His blood is enough to cover those He chooses to sanctify. Do not think I am angry at the lost! My heart goes out to the people who are lost!!

Nonbeliever, us Christians hope and pray for you. Not because we Love or know love fully but because we found genuine Love In Christ. His love makes it possible for us to begin to scratch the surface of love. You and I don’t know what the child molester has been through! The abuse they went through as a Child! The evil, where it began or how it started? We do not know the heart of man, only God does! I know my own sin and I am not one to judge but Christ knew no sin, who is worthy to judge!

Easter is coming and it represents the dead body of a beaten sinless crucified Christ, who rose from the dead. Conquering death and sin! If He chooses to make one evil man well, why on earth wouldn’t we want this Christ and want Him to make all men well!!!! Please open your eyes! See the opportunity He has given you. Turn from your sin and receive His forgiveness and His resurrection power in your life this Easter! Open your heart, open your eyes, see His purpose and power to redeem the sinner. To make those who are dead by their sin to rise by the grace and mercy of Christ! If you receive Christ as your Lord and Savior you too will rise from the dead. I am going to pray for you now.

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You in prayer for this Man or Women who is choosing to receive Your free gift of salvation. Father I pray that You will forgive them of all their acknowledged sin. I pray You would wash them by the power of Your blood. I pray You would forgive them of their sin and call them children of the living God.

If you have confessed your sin and asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart, please let me know, so I can pray for you by name.  Thank you and God bless you. May this resurrection day be Christ resurrected in you. Amen




Boy don’t we all know this one. Falling short of Gods glory. Failing Jesus or the ones we love. At times it can seem as If we never knew Him or know Him. When we deny Him or His words. When flesh takes over and you leave a trail behind you that leaves others to question If you are really His. How do you think all of those who asked peter if He was with Christ, felt later seeing him preach knowing he denied Christ three times? I’m sure they didn’t have much faith in him at all. So did peter stop doing the will of the Lord? At first he did. He went and hid himself away from everyone. He was broken most likely beating himself up.

Some of us harden our hearts and turn away from God until he calls us back to Him. The important thing is to see where we have gone wrong and repent. Our repentance may not be seen at first, it will take time to allow others to see that we are a work in progress.  God restores and God forgives never quit or buy into the lie that you should quit. It is when you walk close and serve the Lord that change comes. If you quit you might as well lie down and die because your purpose and heart will die inside if you accept defeat.

God wants you to serve but he also wants you to become like Him. This is a challenging process. Trust God and submit to His will. God bless, this blog is for me 🙂 Confirming can be purchased from our store.


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We as Christians live for just a glimpse of  Gods glory. Much of the time we miss it because we are so rapped up in our busy lives. When we stop open our hearts, ears and eyes taking a moment to look, listen and hear, we sometimes encounter what we have been missing. Gods voice calls out from His creation. The trees worship God. The birds worship Him. When we set apart our morning or day for God we just might get that glimpse. His still small voice that calls out from creation seeking to speak to our hearts. Seeking to reveal Himself to us. Our God loves intimacy, He loves when we go deep into what he loves. Stop and look at a tree or a bird and imagine the day God formed it. The day God created It. Imagine His emotions for something as simple as a tree and the heart He had creating it. Think of His joy! Now if He took that much heart and emotion creating the trees how much more did He feel creating you. He loves taking a moment with you to enjoy His gift of Art. He is the most magnificent creator. Take time to share Gods heart today in His beauty, the beauty He gave us to share with Him.

May your day be changed, and may you share and encounter His creation with Him. This photograph was of myself and God doing just that. God bless you 🙂




I am writing this post to you because we embark on the journey of finding the truth together! My challenge to you Is to give my blog a chance. Give Jesus a chance to invade your life for the small amount of time it takes to read and discover what is true and what isn’t. As a man of spirit and flesh I can tell you I am far from perfect, though I have the living truth. The truth the bible says will set you free! The truth is the promise in Gods Word that we can trust and believe in Him and His Promises rather than in our truth, flesh and sin. See His Blood is enough to cover you every morning, for His mercy and truth are new every morning. It is about you discovering the truth and finding that He is the answer!

I can tell you that If you grab a hold of this truth you are blessed! This is where faith and believing come into action. As Apostle Paul wrote he is the Chief among sinners. I would like to argue that lol. What made Him successful in his faith was that though he was imperfect Christ perfection was made perfect in him. He went on to become one of the best leaders of all time. When you come into the truth simply believing in Christ and His plan for your imperfection, your life will enter into a place you could never imagine. It starts by seeking, discovering, growing in the truth. I offer my testimony of this truth as I move into His promise. God bless you and may He reveal the truth of His grace in your life.




This poem has probably the most fascinating story of them all. When I first came up with the idea to put pictures to my poetry, I searched the internet for pictures with no prevail due to copy-writes. I started looking for photographers and realized they were going to cost more than It would be worth. I spoke to a friend of mine who had a similar camera to mine. He said he had some pictures from Hawaii he could send me and he did. The pictures were beautiful! That Is when I decided to take some pictures of my own. My first effort was of a cloud with the sun. I took about 75 shots and then sat down and went through them. What I saw was amazing! All of the pictures had a beam from the sun shining down to the cloud like a sword. As I looked deeper and closer I noticed In one picture a dove spreading It’s wings over the cloud. So I wrote a poem about It called heaven’s dove. I will share it in another post.

A few weeks later I was taking a picture of a white rose. I took about ten pictures and did the same thing. I went and looked through the pictures and to my amazement a second time, something showed up in one picture only, this time a Bee or so I thought. Knowing this just doesn’t happen I took attention. I started listening and looking to God for what He was saying to me by this.

I looked up Bee mythology and this is what I found.

Bee symbolism:

As the workers of the hive, bees are symbol of an industrious and prosperous community governed by the queen Bee. They have therefore symbolized all that is royal and imperial , in France and in ancient Egypt (associated with Râ, the Sun God). Three hundred gold bees were discovered in the tomb of Childeric I (on the year 481), which showed that the hive was the model of an absolute menarchy. Napoleon I used bees as a motif on all his carpets, as well as on his coronation robes.
As organizers of the universe between earth and sky, bees symbolize all vital principles, and embody the soul . In the Greek religion, the bee was sometimes identified with Demeter, the goddess of the earth and crops, who represented the soul sent to hell. The bee also symbolizes the soul that flies away from the body in the Siberian, Central Asian, and South American Indian traditions.
Bees also symbolize eloquence , speech, and intelligence . In Hebrew, the word for bee, Dbure, has its origins in the word Dbr, speech. They settled on the mouth of the child, Plato, ” announcing the sweetness of his enchanting soul ” (Pliny) and also settled also on the lips of Saint Ambrose, the patron-saint of beekeepers. According to Virgil, they have a grain of divine intelligence and the famous Pythia, the priestess of Apollo, was called “the bee of Delphi”. In some texts from India, the bee represents the spirit becoming intoxicated with the pollen of knowledge.

Because of its honey and its sting, the Bee is considered to be an emblem of Christ : it represents his mildness and mercy on one side and his justice on the other.

They symbolize all that is royal and imperial,and embody the soul,the spirit becoming intoxicated with the pollen of knowledge and Because of its honey and its sting, the Bee is considered to be an emblem of Christ : It represents his mildness and mercy on one side and his justice on the other.

I was In awe of what God was saying to me. Now when I looked at the Bee I saw Christ. Roses have also been a big part of my life because of the second poem Full Of Roses and its meaning. Notice the rose in this picture has already been planted, the old and wilted have already been removed. What is the Bee-Christ doing? The Bee is about to pollinate the rose which symbolizes something taking place in the spirit. Once the Bee is finished then comes the honey. Milk and honey flow like a stream through the promised land.

I began to look even closer at the Bee and I realized I had never seen a Bee quite like this one. I began searching the internet for this Bee. I could not find it anywhere, it was driving me crazy. I spoke to a friend of mine and he began to help me find it. I finally found it and to my disappointment it wasn’t a Bee at all, It was a Mimic Bee, an insect that disguises itself for survival.

I was upset and talking to my friend and his wife asked, “why is he upset?” and he explained as they laughed,” he is upset because it isn’t a real Bee.” I was down for a few days, I did not understand why God had me believe it was a Bee. Then one morning I was out front and unexpected the holly spirit came from behind me saying “Mimic Me, Mimic Me” I then understood Why He wanted me to see the Bee as Him originally.

In the parable of the talents Matthew 25:14 It talks about using your talents and if you don’t, what you have will be taken away and given to someone who already has. I believe God gave me a new talent that wasn’t being used in photography.

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This poem came at a time in My life where I had to step away from seven years of evangelical preaching at a very large rehabilitation center. The best seven years of my life so far. I had stepped into a new career in which I had worked very hard towards. Little did I know major tests in my life would follow. I was newly married with a child on the way, a new house and job. The job I soon found out was more like a brotherhood. I was tested to fit in like most any job. I think the changes In me began by small compromises at a time. slowly I began putting on masks that I spent years taking off. The masks I am talking about are the masks we put on to show we are not afraid or masks that protect our hearts. Masks that hide our true selves. If you put on a mask often enough it becomes very hard to stay in touch with our true selves. I began to lose my identity In Christ and found myself very lost once again in my life. I can’t even tell you how many masks I was wearing. Trying to hold my life together wanting to be accepted by my co-workers, I had slowly lost my identity over a five-year period.

When the Lord led me to write the poem masks it changed my life. I knew it was the Lord speaking directly to my heart. I thought about the poem and spent time talking to God about it. I decided to take off my masks and reveal my true self to those I worked with. I will have to say it was one of the most courage’s things I have done in my life. I started sharing my faith and my poetry. It was at that time God started to reveal the direction to go with my ministry. It came after a five-year dry period with God. The poem masks is the reason I am here sharing this ministry with you. Here is the poem I hope you are blessed by it like I was.


Are you a friend or foe?
How then do I know?
You’re there when I need you to protect me
You show off my tough image
You build my confidence when I have none
You make me seem very smart
You have changed me from the start
Do I even know who I am anymore?
I’m consumed by the power you give me
Or shall I say your power has consumed me
You claim to protect my heart
Yet, you have hid it from me
You stole my courage and identity
My truth, my vulnerability
You claim to save me from pain
Yet, you create more day by day
Off I say, off I say
To this lie you betray
You have multiplied in numbers
The truth in me slumbers, to be known again
I’m taking off these masks
To you I ask, is it ok to be me?


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This poem has a very special meaning to me. I was at work inside a room by myself one morning when the
Lord asked me,” Ken how would you feel If I took your son ?” I was taken back by the question. The first thing I thought about was Abraham and Isaac in Genesis chapter 22 when God tested Abraham. My son was sick the night before and I was worried about him. So I was concerned at first but then I realized how the spirit moves me to write. I picked up a pad of paper and began to write a letter to my son as if I had lost him. Just the thought broke me down into tears. I began crying very heavy and had to stop writing. I gathered myself and began writing again when the Lord put on my heart so many people who had lost someone whom they loved so deeply. I couldn’t contain myself I broke down again. what I was experiencing was definitely from God because I felt His heart towards those who have lost someone they loved. I cried for a good ten minutes before I could finish writing.

I realized the reason God had me write this. I realized why he made it personal. many people lose loved ones everyday and I believe those who don’t know Christ don’t know the promise of the reunion we will have with those we love and get separated from in this life. Even believers forget or don’t really connect with the fact that it is a temporary separation. Those we lose that have been saved are in Glory. In the short time we are in this world those who leave will be waiting at the gate of glory when we leave this world. This is such a wonderful truth. Here is the poem.


Are you there? Can you hear me?
I miss you so much, can’t you see?
I never imagined life without you
the need, to see you again
I am daily reminded of the precious gift you are
Every night I look for your star, I’m sure you’re
the brightest one. I know your standing in His glory
I’m sure it will be quite the story
when I come to join you. Is it true
are the streets golden and the skies marble blue?
He must be magnificent, His love intense
I can’t wait to reminisce, of all your days with Him
Hug Him for me, and tell Him I understand why He
called for you. I would have too!

Psalm 116:15

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