Blessing will rain

As a child he struggled, he didn’t feel smart
He was skinny and weak, and walked with a sad heart
He hated his ears, the other kids would cause tears
That would flow for years, from the teasing
He had a small bladder and wet his bed
Can there be anymore said, of the challenges he faced
His family was like the Brady Bunch from hell
Nine kids in all, what a story to tell
Of the division in that house
If you were a mouse living there, you would have moved
On Halloween, liqueur bottles would sing, as they crashed on the front porch
His mother torched with anger from his fathers drinking
I wonder what his neighbors were thinking
He grew up also, with a problem drinking
He had the feeling his life was sinking
Into a life not worth living
His thoughts were unforgiving, filled with lies
Of who he was, when the change came it wasn’t because
Of the pit he fell in
It was because of the one who picked him up and forgave his sin
It was only then his life would begin
All of the lies crushed by the truth
From the present all of the way back to his youth
He began to understand, his life had purpose
All of the pain could be used for others to gain
As his heart began to change from helping others
No matter what you have gone through, he said
You can rise from the dead, to the living in Christ
Set yourself aside and care for peoples pain
Blessing will rain