The ground is hard, dry from no rain
Winter is far from my eyes
My body weak and in pain
My vision is clear of what the hard work will bring
Every stroke of the pick breaks a piece of my insides
Like the pounding waves bringing in the tides
The clouds begin to form, dark and gloomy
Carrying with them doubts flowing through me
The rain begins to fall covering the body of land
Filling the heart of it and turning it into sand
I begin to feed the soil as the seeds leave my hands
Soaking in the joy of the rain upon my face
I realized a change was taking place

Galatians 6:7



The object of the prayer chain is to like and  re-blog a continual Prayer. We have started a fire now lets cause it to spread!

Heavenly Father We come to you in a chain prayer. Our hope is that this prayer will be a constant act of worship and power from earth to heaven and back to earth. Father we pray for the lost. Those who are clouded by this world and the things of it. We pray you will turn their eyes towards heaven and You. We pray for a revival in Your name. Cause Your fire of love and truth to burn in our hearts. Cause us to rise up as children of God that provoke Your spirit to move again as in Acts. We pray we would play a part In the Blind seeing, The deaf hearing and the lame to leap. We pray for the power to break strong holds, addictions, anger, adultery, murder, fear,and anything else that hinders us from becoming all you desire. I pray for a pouring out of your spirit, an anointing of your spirit on all who read and respond to the chain. People across the nations joining hands by this miracle of the Internet and joining hearts to honor and glorify your name. Father protect us and our children from sickness. Give us gifts of the spirit to bless in your name. Give us an ever increasing faith and the ability to carry our cross. Father we praise you. I thank everyone who joins in this prayer Amen.


the miracle of the brook_edited-1

There are seasons In our walks with God when He calls us to hide in Him. Hiding In Christ is when we put our complete focus and trust in Him. This usually happens when you are faced with what seems to be the impossible. When life takes you to a place that is beyond yourself. We can do one of two things. First we can harden our hearts, caused by fear and anger of what we are faced with. Second we can pour ourselves into Christ. Hiding ourselves in Christ by hiding ourselves in His Word, through worship, continual prayer and placing your full trust in Him.

In 1 Kings 17:1 Elijah is told by God to hide in Him. The call was to hide by the brook of Cherith, The dry brook. The symbol of the dry brook represents those problems or situations in life that are bigger than ourselves. They require faith or test our faith. When we are faced with a dry brook, if we hide ourselves in Christ many things can happen. First we will see God provide for our need like as for Elijah the ravens brought him bread. Second we will be called to wait on the Lord for direction and answers. Third we will be called to walk out from the dry brook taking with us what we gained during the time of hiding in the Lord.

You see placing your trust in God is a gift and when we choose to do so, God shows up and does big things but it doesn’t happen without the season of hiding in Him. God puts things in you during the time of hiding, making the miracle that is coming possible. Notice in the picture, the brook is not dry. I believe It is overflowing because God wanted you to see the mental picture of His overflowing provisions that come when we walk close to Him during a dry brook experience.

What happened next was that Elijah rose and went to Zarephath to the widow. This was the first miracle of God releasing his purpose from the time of hiding in Him. The widow only had enough oil for her and her son to eat before they laid down to die. Elijah told her not to fear to make a cake with what she had and bring it to him and then make some for her and her son. Then the Lord said the Jar of oil shall not be spent, and the jug of oil shall not be empty until the day the Lord sends rain upon the earth. This means the blessings of our faithfulness and the rewards of trusting Him. His word shows He is faithful to provide abundantly promising the rain that will cause the dry brook to overflow once again.

The second miracle came from the power of God manifested through Elijah and His faithfulness to God. Then the boy died and the women said to Elijah “You have come to me to bring my sin to remembrance and to cause the death of my son.” Elijah said to her” give me your son and put him in my arms.” He carried him up stairs to his bed prayed and the boy was brought to life.

Dead situations will come to life from our obedience in a dry brook experience. They could be finances, a job that is needed, a failing relationship. Many things can come alive from this place of obedience in the Lord. This is the truth of the word of God we are so blessed to be a part of. If you don’t know the story I suggest you read it. 1Kings 17:1

It is good to practice hiding in the Lord always especially when times are good, it will make it that much easier when things get tough. Enjoy your day and hide in the Lord. God bless you and may He keep you strong in Him. ūüôā The miracle of the brook can be purchased from our store. ¬†