I find myself in a place I’ve never been before
The sense around me everything is dark
I’m feeling my way around bumping into things
Tripping, falling, getting back up with a desperation to
Find the gleam of light shinning under the door
The light giving me focus and direction
A comfort in a dark place
The light an excitement that comes over my face
Panic to peace in an instance
Eagerness an overwhelming energy to reach the door
Persevering through all obstacles in the way
At last the door before my feet
Frantically turning the knob
The light a need, as food to my body or water to my soul
“locked” worries surround me, do I have the key?
Searching every pocket, patting my clothes for a miracle
I knocked and pounded with all my strength
For the door to be open and met with grace
From a Man with a glow on His face
He said, I’ve been calling your name to this place

1 Peter 2:9