Let your love come down
Raining your voice, the sound
A precious gift, wonderfully found
As the sun rises, from the ground
Let your love rise up in me
As the flower opens
So be my heart when broken
As the tide comes in from the ocean
Shall your love come into me
As the clouds roll in
And the sun shines through
Shine your light upon me
As the morning dew covers the surface
Let your presence hover, bringing purpose
A bottomless well, thermos
For my soul
Your love in me will know
As the grass of the field grows
Your faithfulness shows
The birds of the air are fed
By your spirit I am led
By the dawn of a new day
From my heart I want to say
My life in you will stay
God’s well!

Everyday we have the opportunity to be in the presence of God, to be filled with his presence. To be impowered to live in His strength. We can come into His grace, covered by His mercy with the freedom of heart, to live for Him.

The challenges we face have no real chance of victory without His spirit. Christ has given us the most wonderful gift that comes from the empty well within our hearts, when filled with Him!

Seeking Him, opening up to Him, looking to Him to be the answers to our weakness is the continual journey we are on. Stay strong in your faith, open your heart as an empty well, receiving the water from heaven, providing the resources for the victory upon our journey. The desert will come, but if you become the well of God not only will you have the water you need, you will have plenty for those you come across, that need a drink!

Genesis 21 New International Version (NIV)

19 Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water. So she went and filled the skin with water and gave the boy a drink.