his love never fails0012A

If we have walked with God for years or we are just starting to look into faith in Jesus, the one thing I can tell you is, His love never fails!
I remember all the years I did not walk with the Lord. Now when I look back, I can see all the road signs that He put in place for me. All of the so called coincidences that I experienced! Which I am no longer a believer in coincidence. God shows Himself along the path of our lives, always reaching out to say, I am here, and my love never fails.

God was constantly revealing Himself to me, reaching out to me, waiting ever so patiently for me to open my heart to Him, His love never fails. Through the process of the testing of my faith, I have learned no matter what this life brings, loss of loved ones, sickness, financial problems, tragedy, job loss, marriage problems, backsliding, or simply times of faithlessness, His love never fails.

So many times in my life I looked at my current circumstances as if when things are going bad, God is not happy with me, and when things were good He was pleased with me. Now I know that He is for me when things are going bad and when things are going good. I remember the very first poem I read (Footprints In The Sand). This poem changed my life and also Inspired me to write poetry later in life. It speaks of when times are tough, God seems to be absent because His set of foot prints are not there. It is during the tough times that God is carrying us, His love never fails.

I would mean so much to me if on this post you could fill up the comments with how in your life, His love never fails. I would really love the seeking hearts out there to be blessed with your heart felt comments on how in your life His love never fails. God bless you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Fullofrosesinspirationals!!!!