This part of my testimony will touch on the vision God has given me for the ministry of and Face To Face Ministries.

After God gave me the miracle of the lizard in the post ( MY FIRST POEM PART TWO)  I had all I needed to walk through whatever I had to walk through to serve Christ. I started a Bible study at my house that lasted two years. The bible study grew to be very large but we all squeezed into my small living room. Just thinking about those days brings so much joy in my heart. The training ground that It was for me, the relationships that were built and all the wonderful things God did during that time. After the bible study’s first year God moved me to also do poetry reading every Friday night at Barns And Nobles. The poetry reading was a challenging time because I had the fear of public speaking.

Every Friday night I would go to Barns And Nobles and I would have severe cotton mouth and my hands would shake like small trimmers. Every Friday night I would pray for it to stop and there I was shaking and barely able to talk. Faithfully about forty to fifty people would show up. There were all types of poets some very dark poetry and then mine. During that time I did feel like I was a lamp in a dark place. That experience was life changing. after a year of doing that, Barns And Nobles closed their poetry night. It was three days later that I received a call from my church telling me that Acton Rehabilitation Center had an opening for someone from our Church to go and teach. I was asked If I was interested. I said yes of course. Acton Rehabilitation Center is a very large government owned Rehabilitation Center where people would come from all over the place. It housed three hundred people male and female. Every ninety days It would change over and there would be a new group that would come in.

In preparation to go there I needed a worship leader and I had the perfect Guy in mind from the singles ministry Paul Montgomery. I saw Paul driving away from Sunday church service and I flagged him down. I asked him If he would lead worship at Acton. He looked at his newly wife and she looked at him like they couldn’t believe what was taking place. You see just prior to that they were in the church service and the message was on getting involved in some type of service. Paul had said to his wife inside that church that the message was speaking to him and that he needed to get involved somewhere and then there I was.

Our first night at Acton Rehab, I was preparing for the night, setting the poetry hand outs on the table, Paul was tuning his guitar, then Paul looks at me, points to one of my poems and says “can I”. In front of everyone, Paul belts out a song from my poem Face To Face. This happened with all the people in the room. It was incredible, Paul had never done that before. After that we got together purposely to see what God would do. Twelve songs later we had a very powerful ministry taking place. The ministry there lasted seven years. In MY FIRST POEM (PART ONE) I had told you I changed jobs and that ended our seven year run.

Paul went on to build his music website which doesn’t include our music yet. I struggled through some things during the five year period I had spoken to you about. Last year God began to move me in the direction of this ministry fullofrosesinspirationals. God had spoken to me in the beginning years about what he was going to do but I truly could have never guessed it would be this. There is another side of the ministry called Face To Face ministries which I haven’t introduced to you until now. I am currently working on a Youtube Teaching message that will bring us Face To Face. The name Face To Face came from the miracle of our first song. Our vision is to reach as many people as we can and bring the message The Sinner Can Walk With God.

The Website is for the purpose of putting Gods love in your homes through pictures with words and to fund our ministry. I am not pushing you to purchase, If God places it on your heart the website will be open in a couple of days. What I will ask of you are your prayers because when a believer moves into a place of ministry like this where it has potential of reaching many unbelievers and feed strong believers, it will be under attack. We love you and thank you for all your prayers and support. God be with you, may you be encourage and challenged to be all you can be in Christ.


051 a glimpse of your glory 8 by 12_edited-3

We as Christians live for just a glimpse of  Gods glory. Much of the time we miss it because we are so rapped up in our busy lives. When we stop open our hearts, ears and eyes taking a moment to look, listen and hear, we sometimes encounter what we have been missing. Gods voice calls out from His creation. The trees worship God. The birds worship Him. When we set apart our morning or day for God we just might get that glimpse. His still small voice that calls out from creation seeking to speak to our hearts. Seeking to reveal Himself to us. Our God loves intimacy, He loves when we go deep into what he loves. Stop and look at a tree or a bird and imagine the day God formed it. The day God created It. Imagine His emotions for something as simple as a tree and the heart He had creating it. Think of His joy! Now if He took that much heart and emotion creating the trees how much more did He feel creating you. He loves taking a moment with you to enjoy His gift of Art. He is the most magnificent creator. Take time to share Gods heart today in His beauty, the beauty He gave us to share with Him.

May your day be changed, and may you share and encounter His creation with Him. This photograph was of myself and God doing just that. God bless you 🙂