This can be a very controversial subject. My intention is not to offend anyone. Only discuss my understanding and heart towards this subject. As any religion my opinion is, men get many things wrong when it comes to God and His word. I believe every denomination gets some part of Gods word confused and this is why there are so many debates on religious matter. Things like the holy spirit, the rapture and so on. I consider myself a Christian but as in any church not everyone is saved, not everyone has truly found Jesus. I might also say that even though we might misunderstand some of Gods word, that in itself does not mean one is not saved.

The purpose of this subject has to do with being set free from any part of the word that might be misunderstood. Gods word says the truth will set you free and if I am speaking the truth in this message and it is received and sets you free to experience more of God in your life that is my heart. My heart is not to cause you to question if you are saved or not. I will leave that to you and God. What I would like to do is help you understand how significant your life in Christ is.

I believe the most significant part of the bible stems from the work on the cross. I believe we must pay very close attention to everything the bible teaches and tells us about the cross. We have to be very careful with religion in the area of tradition because tradition leaves us balancing on the edge of legalism. The law of God has its purpose do not get me wrong, but we are no longer under the law but under grace. So we have to be careful to live free in Christ because the truth will set you free as the bible says. So again we have to be careful of anything that we do so that our hearts are in the right place no matter what religion. Tradition can cause us to loose heart in repetition of doing the same thing everyday so that we become numb and it is just habit. Think about prayer before a meal, I don’t know how many times I prayed really fast, just so I could eat because I was starving. It became tradition and I lost heart and It is a form of legalism because there is something inside me that tells me I must do it. The truth is God would rather me not do it then have it shallow. God wants true worship! The other thing is God wants me to understand my identity in Him. If I do not know who I am in Him it truly changes how I respond to Him. For example if you lean towards the law of God and you break one of His commands, you may always think God is mad at you. If you are understanding God in that way it will hinder your relationship with Him because you will not understand the cross and the fullness of His love and what He has done for you.

At the cross many things took place, there was an earth quake, dead people rose from the dead, clouds formed, Jesus was stabbed in the side His blood was mixed with water and the thing I want to focus on is the temple curtain was torn! Matthew 27:51 [Full Chapter]
At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split. Why is this put in the word of God? Why is it there in the scripture and mentioned after Jesus death? I believe because it is very important and God was communicating something of great value. First you must understand the purpose of the curtain of the temple. It was where only the High priest could enter. It was where the ark of the covenant was kept. The very presence of God. The reason only the High priest was aloud in was it required a very high calling. The High priest must be clean. He must be holly. If the high priest was unclean and he touched the ark he could be struck dead. The high priest had many requirements. One of the requirements God Himself directed and that was what he was to wear. His robe was made of jewels and many colors in which I explain in detail in my blog post (Rainbow Symbolism Of promise) also on the robe were bells sewn on. When the priest would enter the curtain, a rope was tied across his waste so that if he entered unclean and was struck down they would hear the bells no longer ringing and tug on the rope to see if the priest was OK. If no response they would drag him out by the rope of fear of being unclean and struck down themselves. The high priest was to offer sacrifices for the people and bring Gods word to the people, He was Gods middle man. When the temple curtain was torn after Jesus death it was God saying it is done. No longer is the middle man needed. Jesus now has full authority and has won in victory as our savior. We can now go to Him directly to repent and pray for forgiveness. He then in His word call us all a kingdom of priest and a holly nation. Exodus 19:6 you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words you are to speak to the Israelites.” why? After His resurrection before He returned to God, He spoke of sending His holly spirit the helper. No longer was the ark of the covenant needed either because His spirit was set free upon all of the earth, why? because where ever there were two or more gathered whatever you ask in His name you would receive, why? We were now considered priest in the kingdom of God and His presence was now the robe we wear as priest. To all of those who believe and confess He is the Son of the living God. We were given authority over the powers of darkness through faith. We are now to be His feet and hands. We have been given a high calling, walk in it!

Let me end with this, is it OK to have tradition? Yes of course, as long as it doesn’t keep you from true worship and your true identity with Christ. If you know who you are in Christ. Meaning you are in the word yourself not relying on someone else only to provide all of the word of God but you seek him through His word personally as the priest you are. You confess your sins to Him directly as well. It is always good to bring to light your sins, to persons of trust, because of accountability and bringing them to the light, it sets you free.

God bless you, Fullofrosesinspirationals.