I sit here waiting on you
A place so dear and true
The place I first heard your voice
As you quieted my thoughts, my heart rejoiced
From the peace that came over me
There, came your still small voice
Speaking kindness to my damaged heart
It was here, you would start
To show me who I am
You gave me beauty, from the ashes
You took my my sin, by the lashes
That exposed, your devotion and love
You revealed your amazing presence
The sweetness, the essence, of your love
You captured my heart, changed me from within
You became my invisible friend
You unveiled faith to me
You gave me eyes to see
You guided me to the door, I knocked
You opened, and my life unfolded
To the process of knowing, you
Truly love me




Why did I fall in love with you?
It was because you, first, fell in love with me
At first I could’t see
You kept reaching out to me
Telling me I was excepted, as I was
Everything I had done, all my regret
You kept playing a song in my head
Everything I thought life was about
Your love turned me inside out
You also showed me what truth was about
Your love reached deep, pulling my beauty out
The beauty was You, all along
Lord please keep singing the song




There in a distance, I can see you walking
Crowds of thousands following
There was something about you
That drew people to you
Was it the light shown upon you
Was it the love that poured out
Was it your healing that touched so many
I believe, it was our incredible need
The need and thirst for something pure to drink
The Samaritan women at the well, makes me think
Of how much you came to give
Your heart, was so we might live
Truly understanding our God
Our Savior, our King, who is He
The one who creates, one who doesn’t hesitate
To give all of who He is
One who chooses to build, slowly reveal
A deep intimate love
Out of the thousands that followed
How may found the well
How many understood it’s depth
How many wanted to drink from it
How many searched it’s depth
There is no end, to your Love




My darling what troubles you
My love for you, has never been more true
You struggle deep within
Your constant struggle with your sin
There is nothing you can do
To change my love for you
Let my love and grace lead and ensue
My spirit is working to intercede what’s true
Understand my commitment, it endured to the cross
My passion is to recover all that has been lost
But you have been found
So precious, renown
You are known, and special to me
Set your mind at ease
It is my love that will change you
You are the elect, the chosen, the few
Walk close to me
See what I will do



I was found, but a wilted rose
My thorns I carried, apposed
The ability to love
The pricks of lies
Love was disguised
My thorns became a barrier
To the truth I would come to know
Thorns made to protect, wisdom to wear
became my inner pain to bare
The figure I saw, came holding in His hands
A shear greater than my thorns
Removing the wilted, then came a rose
His mercy and favor shown
By the wings of a dove
This was my encounter with love
My thorns, covered by His thorns
Found a wilted rose

The call of Full Of Roses Inspirationals from the beginning has been to clip away wilted roses and plant more roses until life is full of roses. The second poem I ever wrote Full Of Roses. My passion is to share the new heart Christ gave me and now expresses His love. The thorns of a rose can really hurt even as we grow in Christ our thorns still hurt ourselves when we choose not to trust, and others when we allow our hearts to be formed by this world rather than by Him.

Proverbs 24:31 thorns had come up everywhere, the ground was covered with weeds, and the stone wall was in ruins.

Isaiah 7:25 As for all the hills once cultivated by the hoe, you will no longer go there for fear of the briers and thorns; they will become places where cattle are turned loose and where sheep run.

Jeremiah 4:3 This is what the Lord says to the people of Judah and to Jerusalem: “Break up your unplowed ground and do not sow among thorns.

Matthew 13:22 The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful.

Matthew 27:29 and then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on his head. They put a staff in his right hand. Then they knelt in front of him and mocked him. “Hail, king of the Jews!” they said.

Song of Songs 2:2 [ He ] Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the young women.




I feel again the work of your hands
Pressing in, the hard clay into sand
Swept like the wind upon command
Yet, the strange thing, I love it here
I seem to hear you more clearly
I feel your love and embrace
I realize it’s not about my mistakes
It’s about the intertwining of strands
Love sewn in and around your hands
As if my heart is in your firm grip
As if your never letting go
It’s comforting to know
Your love for me continues to grow
There is something I want to show
Your love in me


THE LOVE OF THE FATHER PSD_edited-1The love of God is hard for many to understand, The reason for that is our flesh. The flesh condemns us to the grave. Our sin and flesh keep us from God. The enemy Satin uses our weakness, the flesh to lie to us and keep us from the truth that is spirit. The spirit of truth! Faith is spirit! Christ promises are spirit. The word of God is spirit! It is the spirit that covers us, It is the spirit that sets us free. If we walk by the flesh and the lies of the flesh it only brings lies and death, but Christ made intersession for us that is through His spirit. So we must walk by the spirit of truth and put away the lies of the flesh  that only bring death.

If you are a perfectionist the flesh and lies are your worst enemy! You see you are a sinner, we all are and unless you realize that it is Gods spirit and death on the cross that has cleansed us and has set us free, can you receive the gift of the spirit and walk in it. Walking with God just as you are, imperfect. Following God and walking with Him through all your mistakes and imperfections. Trusting Gods perfect work on the cross will finish its work. This is walking by the spirit.

Romans 8

Expanded Bible (EXB)

Be Ruled by the Spirit

So now, those who are in Christ Jesus are not ·judged guilty[a] [condemned; punished for their sins]. [L For] ·Through [or In] Christ Jesus the ·law [principle; or power] of the Spirit that brings life set you[b] free from the ·law [principle; or power] that brings sin and death. The law [C of Moses] was without power, because the law was made weak by our ·sinful selves [sinful nature; T flesh]. But God did what the law could not do. He sent his own Son to earth ·with the same human life that others use for sin [or in a body like ours, prone to sin; L in the likeness of sinful flesh]. By sending his Son ·to be an offering for sin [L concerning sin], God ·used a human life to destroy sin [L condemned sin in the flesh]. He did this so that ·we could be the kind of people that the law demands that we be [L the law’s righteous/just requirements would be fulfilled in us]. Now we do not ·live [walk; C life’s journey] following our ·sinful selves [sinful nature; T flesh], but following the Spirit.

God’s Love in Christ Jesus

31 So what should we say ·about this [in response to these things]? If God is for us, ·no one can defeat us [L who is against us?]. 32 He did not spare his own Son but ·gave him [or delivered him over; C to death] for us all. So with Jesus, ·God will surely [how could he not…?] give us all things. 33 Who can ·accuse [bring an accusation/charge against] the people God has chosen? No one, because God is the One who ·makes them right [declares them righteous; justifies them]. 34 Who can ·say God’s people are guilty [condemn; pronounce punishment]? No one, because Christ Jesus died, but he was also raised from the dead, and now he is on God’s right ·side [hand; Ps. 110:1], ·appealing to God [interceding; pleading] for us. 35 ·Can anything [or Who can] separate us from the love Christ has for us? Can ·troubles [trials; tribulations] or ·problems [distress; hardship] or ·sufferings [persecution] or ·hunger [famine] or ·nakedness [destitution] or danger or ·violent death [L sword]? 36 As it is written in the Scriptures:

“For ·you [your sake] we are ·in danger of death [L being put to death] all the time.
    ·People think we are worth no more than [L We were considered like] sheep ·to be killed [about to be slaughtered; Ps. 44:22].”

This is the love of the Father the love that has surely set us free by His spirit! So live by the spirit!

Psalm 68

Expanded Bible (EXB)

Praise God Who Saved the Nation

For the director of music. A psalm of David. A song.

68 Let God rise up and scatter his enemies;
    let those who hate him ·run away [flee] from him.
Blow them away as smoke
    is ·driven [blown] away by the wind [Hos. 13:3].
As wax melts before a fire,
    let the wicked ·be destroyed [perish] before God [Mic. 1:4].
But ·those who do right [the righteous] should be glad
    and should rejoice before God;
they should be happy and glad.

Sing to God; ·sing praises [make a psalm] to his name.
Prepare the way for him
    who rides ·through the desert [on the clouds; C as on a chariot; 18:10–19; 104:3; Is. 19:1; Dan. 7:13–14; Luke 21:27; Rev. 1:7],
whose name is the Lord.
    Rejoice before him.
God is in his holy ·Temple [L abode].
    He is a father to orphans [10:14; 146:9],
    and he defends the widows [146:9].
God gives the lonely a home.
    He leads prisoners out ·with joy [with singing; or to prosperity],
but ·those who turn against God [L the rebellious] will live in a dry land.

May this Christmas be yours in Christ Bless you!