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I can say these three years have been a blessing! I have enjoyed sharing my heart for the word of God!
Putting my take and understanding of the christian walk through poetry! My goal is to reach 5000 followers, as Jesus fed 5000.

Oh Lord how your mercy covers me
Your spirit covers my soul
With your love everlasting
I’m blessed by your visitations of the heart
I’m a part of something wonderful
Greater is He who is in me
Than He who is in the world
Your a pearl of great price
You entice the spirit within me
To reach for more of you
Your my life, my source, my purpose
Let the dead things fall, and your life in me surface
So I might serve you well
My God I must tell
Of your everlasting grace
Until we are face to face

God bless!




Lingering at the bottom
Conviction in Sodom
Like the curse of Pandora
I have found my self in Gomorrah
With a repented heart
High walls to climb, I start
Placing my eyes on you
It’s incredible but true
Every morning your mercies are new
Hope deferred makes the heart sick
The wall of impossible adds another brick
But desire fulfilled is a tree of life
His love penetrates the heart like a knife
Setting the captives free
Helping the blind to see
Who said he was the chief among sinners
This man of faith was no beginner
To the goodness of our God
It is this truth that lifts a man
From the lowest of the pit, to stand
The grace of our God takes our brokenness and sadness
And turns our sorrows into gladness