your sacrifice0032

In today’s world with Isis and everything else going on in this world, our Men and Women and their Families sacrifice so much to serve our country! I’m sure the Men and Women who so bravely give of themselves wont mind me putting some focus on the support of their Families! Whether it is the Wife, Husband, Mother, Father, Brother, or Sister, their Families made our service Men and Women who they are. They have given so much to us and them.

I personally want to thank the Family members for their sacrifice for loaning our Brave Men and Women to us to serve and protect our homes, families, children, so we can live our lives daily taking care of the needs we have here. It is because of their sacrifices we can feel safe!

Some of those Families have suffered the greatest sacrifice, their Son or Daughter, Brother or Sister is never coming home because they gave their lives for us! I personally want to tell those Families I am sorry for your loss! I want to thank you for your courage to carry on and your strength that shows why your Armed Force family member had the strength to do what they do and have done for all of us!

I want to pray for Those who have lost someone and those who carry the burden of knowing the dangers their family members face! Heavenly father thank you for these Families and their brave Soldiers that have given so much to all of us. I ask you for your hand upon those who have suffered loss. I also want to ask for your protection over those who are in the field. I pray your blessing and favor over these special people who have given us their most prize possessions, and of themselves to each and everyone of us.

I am proud to be one Nation Under God because of the Families that show the heart of God by giving of themselves. God bless you!!