THE CROSS_edited-2

Easter is a time for resurrection and the power of Christ from it. Lets lead up to it though, remembering where it came from and that is the Cross. If our Savior had not went on the ultimate rescue mission, where would we be? Love sent Him. A love so pure and deep most cannot imagine. What would cause an all powerful perfect being to put Himself through all He did?

This is the question most ask trying to figure out this God called The Christ! I am not surprised so many are lost trying to answer or find the answer to this question. None of us have even a tear drop of Gods love and that is why it is so deep and so beyond our ability to take it fully in. Purity, Humility, Honesty, Kindness, Sweetness, Gentleness, I could go on forever. I find myself weeping trying to put my words together.

The lost think they are wise to question such a God! The lost have the same argument saying they can’t follow a God that would forgive a child molester. Yet, those who have encountered Him know and submit to Him knowing He is worthy to judge. His blood is enough to cover those He chooses to sanctify. Do not think I am angry at the lost! My heart goes out to the people who are lost!!

Nonbeliever, us Christians hope and pray for you. Not because we Love or know love fully but because we found genuine Love In Christ. His love makes it possible for us to begin to scratch the surface of love. You and I don’t know what the child molester has been through! The abuse they went through as a Child! The evil, where it began or how it started? We do not know the heart of man, only God does! I know my own sin and I am not one to judge but Christ knew no sin, who is worthy to judge!

Easter is coming and it represents the dead body of a beaten sinless crucified Christ, who rose from the dead. Conquering death and sin! If He chooses to make one evil man well, why on earth wouldn’t we want this Christ and want Him to make all men well!!!! Please open your eyes! See the opportunity He has given you. Turn from your sin and receive His forgiveness and His resurrection power in your life this Easter! Open your heart, open your eyes, see His purpose and power to redeem the sinner. To make those who are dead by their sin to rise by the grace and mercy of Christ! If you receive Christ as your Lord and Savior you too will rise from the dead. I am going to pray for you now.

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You in prayer for this Man or Women who is choosing to receive Your free gift of salvation. Father I pray that You will forgive them of all their acknowledged sin. I pray You would wash them by the power of Your blood. I pray You would forgive them of their sin and call them children of the living God.

If you have confessed your sin and asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart, please let me know, so I can pray for you by name.  Thank you and God bless you. May this resurrection day be Christ resurrected in you. Amen